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Lizardbeth's Tale

you promise forever and a day

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9 September
@lizatlax on Twitter.

Me? Oh, I read fic. I write fic. I read meta. I (occasionally) write meta. I also have a RL that is both busy and yet quite dull, so I rarely post anything about it and I don't post very often.

Warning Policy: I warn for consent/rape, and non-specifically for violence and/or torture. If a story is marked ADULT, it contains sexual situations more graphic than that of the original canon. If you have a particular concern, feel free to ask.

"Friending" policy, such as it is: Feel free to friend. I'm flattered you find me interesting enough. No need to ask. Feel equally free to defriend. I don't automatically friend back. But I f-lock very rarely and only personal, probably dull stuff anyway.

And if I friend you? Please don't be scared *g*. I'm pretty laid-back (one could say reclining....) Don't disturb my mellow, and I won't harsh your squee.

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