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10 February 2006 @ 10:11 pm
"Off the Grid" and other Friday Night Sci-Fi thoughts  
I knew it!


Obsessed? me? No, not at all.

But I'm writing Baal at the moment, so I'm a little, um, vested in his fate, I admit.

That said --

I'm going to cross my fingers that he escaped. Cuz I am *convinced* the one on the ship (well, the one in the long robe, since there were at least three others on the ha'tak) was the original, "real" one.

But, on the bright side, that was a great outfit. A bit more imperial than we've seen before -- I guess when one's rebuilding an empire, it's a good idea to dress the part (and to make sure one's clones keep their place). what can I say? I love his clothes. Somebody in costuming really goes to town for him, and it's awesome.

Other random notes:

-- "Mary Poppins". snerk!
-- SG-1 in leather. yum.
-- Teal'c is too cool.
-- the Odyssey. sigh not even one frakking episode without a big ship coming to the damn rescue. And Emerson is lame. Couldn't they have gotten Ronson back? I liked him...
-- Both Baal and Nerus use "the voice" to each other, though they don't when they're on their own. It makes sense, but is kinda funny.
-- Is it just me or is Mitchell getting more reckless? of course, last-minute-saves by the big ship don't help the cockiness department. His previous 'fanboy-ness' is turning into a definite "We're immortal" vibe, and if he doesn't Learn A Valuable Lesson sometime soon, I'll be very disappointed. Maybe he should go let the Sodan Jaffa kick his ass some more, since whatever he learned there has clearly worn off.
-- yet more flashback structure. Jeez, did we need the briefing scene *that* much that we had to cut back to it, and the walking around and Mitchell being an poor drug dealer? I say no. With just a little revision I think the salient points could've come out in the interrogations after their surrender. (And yes, that would also allow for more Baal screen time. Coincidence? 'course not)

Mr. and Mrs. Smith go to Atlantis

Fun and cute. I think I'll just cut-and-paste the review for the movie: watching attractive people shoot at each other has definite appeal and you shouldn't think about it too much. Though I can see why this ep has already produced a bunch of angsty fic-tags. Some definite fall-out possibilities from this.

I like Caldwell in command. he was very reasonable but still tough. I didn't think so before, but now I'm wondering now when he got Goa'ulded - how long before - because he seemed just slightly different from even his first few appearances in terms of strategy and reactions and willingness to do things. Of course, maybe I should just ascribe it to "recently de-Goa'ulded and glad to be free" and he'll be back to his strident ways next time. It helps that he wasn't playing off Weir this time -- they kind of push each other into corners a lot.

Rodney was, as usual lately, highly smackable. (and I'm glad Caldwell smacked him down and told him to go do his job). Honestly, I'm understanding less and less the rather overwhelming McKay-Lurve in fandom.


Well, didn't expect that one. My hubby called it though (in the beginning of the first act, mind you) and I'm so disappointed because I blithely told him
-- no, he's Roslin's go-to guy, he's safe. I hadn't noticed Ellen in the previews so I thought she was the one. hmpf, I hate it when he's right.

No Helo. Am sad. But I like that Sharon won't give up the other cylons in the fleet.

At least no more of that "8 hours ago" crap, at least on this show. (SG-1 I'm looking at you -- enough already).

Next episodes: Lee's a major and becomes XO on the Pegasus. helps when your daddy's the admiral, I guess.

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