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06 February 2006 @ 08:16 pm
Deciding to grow the hell up  
Recently I was poking around, as I do, and read a wonderfully staunch, unapologetic post by someone who writes smut and doesn't care if her RL friends and family know about it. And it made me think. I didn't put "Another Boring Briefing" on my own webpage, not even a link, because I didn't want my parents to read it.

Which is ridiculous. I HAVE A CHILD. My God, it's not like my parents don't know I'm having sex. It's not like I'm a thirteen-year-old virgin, penning smut under my covers by flashlight, and yet I'm acting like one. So, enough. I linked it. *rolls eyes*

Interesting note: That particular story runs just about neck-and-neck in hits with "Jumping Fish." Keeping in mind that "Briefing" is only at Symbiotica and, so far as I know, with no links leading to it from anywhere else (until today, anyway), whereas 'Jumping Fish' is linked to by both SGFanawards and Isis, that's some repeat readers of my little PWP. I should write more smut, it seems.
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished