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19 July 2007 @ 06:52 pm
Going to a Grown-Up movie  
Hee, since hubby's off today and kidlet is in school we played hooky and went to ANOTHER movie.

Boy was it a change from Order of the Phoenix.

We went to see Kill me now, a small film with Ben Kingsley and Tea Leoni, in which he's an alcoholic mobster hitman who gets sent away to get his head on straight after he screws up a hit.

The movie's directed by John Dahl, who's kind of Mr. Modern Film Noir. He did "Kill Me Again" several years ago, with the then-Kilmer family, which is very cool and I recommend as a rental, and "Red Rock West" with Nick Cage. And this was very much in that vein, but more of a dark comedy -- the independent version of "Analyze This", as hubby put it. It's not LOL funny, but it has several highly snicker-able moments. Just the premise "Hitman in AA" makes me snicker, especially when he stands up in the meeting and actually TELLS people that he wants to get dry because it was interfering with his work of killing people. Really, I thought the mob storyline got a bit in the way of the story, but this IS a John Dahl flick, after all.

Anyway, Ben Kingsley is probably worth watching in just about anything, and this one's no exception. And Tea Leoni does a fine job with a part that requires an odd mix of credulousness and sheer bloody mindedness.

Not a great film, but certainly entertaining enough for a couple of hours.

It was just so nice to be a (sort of) childless again for a few days, even if it's cutting into my online and writing time like whoa.