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28 August 2005 @ 01:40 pm
SGA: The One with Kaylee the Wraith  
I really hope the Serenity movie is good. I sat there watching Jewel Staite in SGA- "Instinct" thinking how much I'd much rather watch her play the adorable Kaylee. (Adam Baldwin please come visit SG-1 again, I miss you!) I didn't actually watch "Firefly" when it was on television, despite my 'born to be an SF-fan" roots and my appreciation for the Joss. But after hearing several people comment how much they liked it, I got the DVD set and watched. Cool show. I love that they speak Chinese. I'm something of an Asian-phile (well, you can look at the pic of my half-Asian baby and probably figure that one out yourself) and I love acknowledgments that China and the rest of the "Far East" is going to play a bigger role in any future setting than most Western SF-shows ever portray. most of the time you'd be forgiven for thinking all the Asians on Earth moved to a new planet in the future, and that new planet then got blown up by the Shadows or the Cardassians or whoever. But now I'm channeling George Takei so I'll move on.

Jewel did a fine job of playing Elia the Wraith girl. She was very sympathetic, for someone who was still sucking the life out of other people. But I did think the show was more interesting for the questions it raised than the show itself. There was much running and shooting, which is fun to watch, but two days later I barely remember most of it. Just Carson and Rodney being brave, yet foolhardy and wandering into a Wraith-infested forest with, I think, one pistol between them. And knowing the instant that Sheppard said that he sensed there was a secret, that of course there was. When a lead character senses danger or deception, they are always right. It's an immutable law of television. would've been better just to have him give a look or something a little more subtle. I do remember the first bar scene was fun, very Old West.

But anyway, the questions. Nature versus Nurture of the Wraith. So, apparently, except for that whole life-sucking thing, you can raise a Wraith who has principles and attachment and affection for others. Feels guilt over feeding. And, more importantly, can feed only a little at a time and not kill or die herself (i.e. self control while feeding, like a vampire who only takes a little blood at a time, I guess). Presumably if carson's retro-virus can be fixed and administered to the Wraith --- then the next generation really would just be human. I don't hold out much hope for the adults, though. They're not just working from a biological imperative but something which seems more cultural (not my field, so I have no idea if that's the right word). Thought: if Carson's 'cure' worked, would the human-wraith still be telepathic? I would presume not, but... interesting to think about.

Gotta feed my kid, but one last issue I had with this episode.

Note to Location Manager: Could you please find a new patch of forest? I swear I've seen that same stand of trees three times this season alone...
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