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03 February 2006 @ 08:04 pm
Sci-Fi Friday  
For tonight's episodes, something different -- a totally in-the-moment, play-by-play commentary!

SG-1: Ethon

OMG, that man is a Cylon! Don't trust him!

Though this does make for an interesting x-over possibility -- is the Rand Protectorate another name for the Cylon Collective? I really should stop getting bitten by plot bunnies on crack!

(a whole bunch of really horrid commercials. Except the Expedia.com one. I like the line about reading books on vacation that you'd only let perfect strangers see you read. in my case, very true. or at least used to be before the advent of little tiny person)

Oh, right, I totally forgot. The planet was from 'Icon'. Funny how sometimes the most throw away episodes are the ones that get sequels.

Sam: "This is all gonna be so easy. Blow up the simple weapon and fly home." Or words to that effect. uh huh. I don't even have to know that we're only 12 minutes into the program to know *that* can't be right. She's so earnest too, totally talking them into going.

Daniel in jail. Now there's something we haven't seen before. Although, heh, oops -- don'tcha just hate it when the diplomatic mission becomes the "you're a traitor and a spy." And even though "Kane" is now sitting in his cell, I still keep thinking he's a Cylon. One of those who don't know what they are, maybe. I even *know* he was on 'Icon' and it's still freaking me out a little. God forbid Tricia Helfer should ever appear on Stargate -- I'll be convinced her character is a Cylon. (And of course Grace Park's already been -- down! Evil plot bunny! down!

Oh, Ernie Hudson! he can't be a bad guy! Noo-oo! He's going to redeem himself in the end, I'm sure of it. *nods*

Mitchell as 302 squadron leader. I like it, and takes advantage of his backstory. Great battle.

Holy crap! They blew up the Prometheus! That's awesome!

Now,I know perfectly well that Sam made it off, but did Pendergast? doesn't seem like it. sniffle...

Earth was getting a mite complacent as top dog of the galaxy. Good to reset the playing field a little.

Daniel, heh, doing his thing. And of course it all goes horribly awry. *sigh* Nope, Daniel never gives up, and that's a great thing, but people do tend to be people: stupid and petty and mean in aggregate.

Pendergast *is* gone. and he had kids. double sniffle. We'll miss you, sir.

SGA: The Tower

"they can't all be planets with cool technology and open-minded women." hee!

ah. Peter Woodward! I've missed you, sweetie! 'Bout time you stopped playing amateur archaeologist.
But um, costuming is way screwed up. I think they got cast-offs from some local theator or something.

Could Ronon and McKay look any more uncomfortable holding hands? funny.
But good for Rodney -- low profile =/ revolution

Apparently there's more truth to the ShephOr nickname than I thought.

oh, the big reveal -- and my cable company decided not to broadcast. Yay, comcast. :/

And we're back -- McKay controlling a wee glowy jellyfish.

And once again McKay doesn't think outside of himself when he talks to Teyla. sigh.

It's a bird! it's a plane! It's... not quite flying not-Atlantis!

Hoist on his own petard. He who controls the chair, controls the government.

And... huh. this was an entire episode to get Atlantis some drones and new puddlejumpers. that's very, um, efficient.

BSG: Scar

Ok. this is hard. play by play for an episode that's structured in flashbacks.

Can't do it.

Just... yay! Sharon, looking gorgeous, and sad, and yet just a tad creepy in her talk with Kara.

Not enough Helo. But oh, what fab little scenelets. So cute when he drops on the floor to let Kara get him. (and cute as in both adorable aww! and totally smokin' hot)

Kat's a bitch, but she was right to push the issue (not that I'm entirely convinced there was an issue to push, since it seemed to come out of nowhere, just like last week, but whatever; in this case, I'll buy it).

funny how this ep is very similar to last week's in both structure and general theme, and yet I liked this one so much better. Even Lee was a normal person in it. Making me believe only one impossible thing before breakfast was probably a big help.

This whole "48 hours ago" thing gotta stop though -- please, SCi-fi channel just make it a mandate, each show is allowed only two episodes each season structured that way. it's getting tiresome.

Poor messed up Kara. Poor Kara/Lee shippers.

Cool looking stuff next week: hostage!Lee, negotiator!Roslin, worried-papa!Adama, and yet more terrorists.

okay, that's enough of that. Time to go sleep.
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