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04 May 2007 @ 10:20 am
O what a plethora of canon AUs!  
random: "plethora" is an awesome word.

PTB are being very kind to my AU obsession lately, three in CANON in the last week alone. I think I might expire from the squee.

SG-1, Heroes, and Supernatural, whee! But they're all different. Though I note that in ten years, SG-1 has done all of these types at least once. Go Stargate! *g*

This is kind of me just thinking about the mechanics of the different 'verses, with reference to several SG-1 episodes, not so much the episodes themselves, though they are all cool in their own ways.

SG-1 "Road not taken" is hardly a new concept in SG-1, where alternate universes are canon and pretty frequently explored. Sam went to a genuine alternate universe (or maybe it was Amanda -- Skiffy wasn't sure), though it wasn't clear when or what the turning point away from "our" SG-verse was. It was at least before Anubis' attack on Antarctica, and possibly even longer before that. Not a big surprise that this alternate sucks too - seems like all the AU's involve Earth getting attacked/destroyed by some enemy. Though IIRC this is the first time we've seen this much detail about what that AU looks like, especially its government. And the Stargate was public, which was a nice (more realistic) touch. But poor Alternate!Sam. *sniffle*

Heroes "Five Years Later" is a possible future, which may end up being the future or an alternate in our present timeline. I think we're already in an alternate timeline from the original because of Future!Hiro's tampering (IOW, we're in a universe with fish in the pond, *g*) and if Present!Hiro succeeds, he'll move the present onto a different timeline away from Future!Hiro's warning.

The SG-1 equivalent of this one is "2010": the post-apocalyptic attempt to reset some event in the past to avoid the cause of the apocalypse. THe main difference being that there was no one from the present to carry the message back, the whole effort was all undertaken from the future. Which I think means that Sam and Co in the 2010 future did nothing to help themselves -- their past was already written. But in "Heroes" I'm not sure that's true -- both Present! and Future!Hiro have tampered in the timeline, and I think the temporal concept is far more linear, given Hiro's web of actions and consequence. So, no matter what (either) Hiro does in the past, relative to himself, he'll reset even his own reality, not create alternate branches. I think. Maybe. Good thing he seems to be immune to paradox, eh?

Supernatural "What Is..." - wasn't a true alternate reality. It was all in Dean's head, not independent. It's implied at the beginning that "djinn have god-like powers" to create a new reality, but of course, that's within the Wishverse itself and we learn that it's not true. But like the Matrix, the djinn sets up the situation (telepathically, I suppose) that Dean got his wish in order to keep him compliant and quiet. What was most intriguing about it to me was the question how much of the 'verse came from Dean and how much from the djinn. It wasn't a "perfect fantasy" of the sort that Fifth created for Carter (and which she rejected because she knew it didn't fit). Some have said that the verse was entirely Dean's subconscious creation, but I'm not so sure. obviously much of it would have to be Dean maintaining it himself, because the djinn wasn't there the whole time, but. Dunno. The main thing that caught me was the emphasis on Dean's drinking by other characters, which seemed imposed from outside not a particular issue of Dean's. Like it was a self-corrective measure to keep the illusion going, to have the characters ask that whenever he started to question it or something. Not that it really matters, I suppose, given that the djinn was still working with what it found in his brain, it all was from Dean ultimately.

(and that is a very intellectualized comment for a show that pretty much emotionally kicked my ass last night. I was intending to do some fic stuff afterward, and I just couldn't. *still flailing*) The preview looks amazing for next week.

Anyway, as if you can't tell, my shows are shiny and I love them all so much this week for catering to my special plot kinks. *g*

Tonight: The Shroud. *pets*

Speaking of SG-1, I received my next group of figs, making the DHD. *snerk* And Jonas is available for preorder. WHOO HOO! I didn't know they were doing Jonas. But God, I hope he's better than the Mitchell, which alas, looks NOTHING like Ben. *smacks St.Jean studios* Everyone else is pretty good, why is the Mitchell likeness so lousy?

But still, I have Sam/Cam! Hee! Pics later when I have more time.

Must work on fic, now that the parents have gone and I'm not helping them house-hunt. Gods, what a pain in the mik'ta.
entertaining in a disturbing waylyssie on May 4th, 2007 07:57 pm (UTC)

I have my Replicarter, but not my Vala and Cam. *sulks*