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27 April 2007 @ 11:26 pm
a small snag in the plan  
I spent the day house-hunting with my mom nearby. Now, anyone who's ever done that, knows that it's not very fun. It's going from appointment to showing to appointment, on this side of town and then driving over there. Mind you, I'm glad they'll be close, but phew, am I wiped out.

I have 13,000 words on my ficathon fic, despite the house-hunting. yay me.

However, it's still not done. I am TEH SUCK at word count estimates off my outlines obviously. This could be because the part I just did reads in the outline, "they spend the night in the woods." Why yes, thank you, past self for not including the HOW they spend the night without freezing their (very cute) asses off. There's this whole SURVIVAL thing that sort of got ... glossed over in the outline stage.

So, yeah. LONG. I WILL finish though.

Even though there'll be more chauffeuring cleverly disguised as house-hunting tomorrow.