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14 January 2006 @ 10:28 pm
Stargate comments  
SG-1 and SG-A

Is it me, or is Sam way way over due for some nookie? Maybe it was just because both eps this week had our two leads tumbling into bed with the Chick-of-the-Week. At least Shep had the excuse of being stranded (shades of 'Hundred Days'), but Mitchell was just... what? Bored? Well, stupid, for sure.

But poor Sam's getting nothin'. Now, I'd *love* to believe this is going to change with Ripple Effect and Martouf, but I can't believe the PTB are ever gonna go there. Not even an AU Sam. sigh.

Boy, did I wish during that whole thing that Sam would mention some of her personal experience with the memory device. Or her leftover Jolinar's memories. It would've been a nice little reminder going into next week and tie back to previous continuity. Plus it'd be totally pointy and useful info, but no.

It's funny in some of the comments on the ep I've read that there are some fans who are all annoyed that Mitchell got his - gasp! - second episode of the season. Considering he didn't do a whole lot of much during the Daniel-and-Vala Show, I thought it was about damn time. I loved the flashback with his 'dad', even though I kept waiting for Kent McCord to show up instead.
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