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15 April 2007 @ 10:22 pm
blah blah writing blah blah sucks  
Because I have no BSG tonight, and my fic is stalled like an old pickup truck in the fast lane of the freeway at 7:45 a.m., and because I missed Drive (rugrat acting up), I thought I'd spam with some writing meta.

I'm editing the Big Damn Fic (yes, again), and realized I profoundly overuse the word "just". I know all about my terrible abuse of "almost", which I pare out myself in second draft. But jeez-louise, I've run a search on 'just' and boy, is it frelling everywhere. Grrr. Sheer writerly laziness that should've been caught before.

You know what's hilarious? I'm working in the file we titled so hopefully as "DR1_final". "final". right. *sigh*

It'll be better right? Gah. I can't help working on it; even though I know we (I) need to start posting soon. Because (a) SG-1 fandom is shrinking by the day, and (b) it's going to take an eternity to post the monster. I would like some sort of audience before it drifts away. As small as it will be, I'd like a few readers to go along for the ride, y'know? But I can't let it go until at least I stop seeing obvious problems with it. And we had a good beta, too. But this? It's small, it's petty, and it IRKS ME.

I started a long meta thing on plotting, inspired by the BDF, but it's too late to finish, so I'll save it for another time.

Last, I got an e-mail from someone asking plaintively for an update on my LotR epic. GUILT ensued. It's so abandoned it's not even funny. Though I can't say never, because when I read "Children of Hurin" my LotR muse might come out of her funk. I can say that I have many more projects ahead of it though, and at the rate I'm going, forever is going to be exactly how long it takes to clear them out of the way...
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