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23 March 2007 @ 11:04 am
Finally up to it  
Feeling normal is really under-rated, y'know? I'm still coughing, but it's a lot better. And everything else is back to working (like, for instance, THE BRAIN. Which was off in foggy land for awhile there).

Teryl was on Supernatural last night! Too bad she wasn't in more of it. Most exciting part of the episode for me, I must say. Can we just get to Darkside!Sammy already, please?

I was reading through princessofg post/review on the "Bodies in Space" chapter from the Fan Fiction and Fan Communities in the Age of the Internet study she's been examining for a few weeks now. Interesting stuff, about how fanfic is more like theater. For example, writers take a standard premise "x/y first time" and then do endless variations on it, similar to how actors and a director take the bare bones of a play and every performance of it can be different, whether small changes one night to the next, or major changes between productions. It's more elaborate than that, but that's the bare bones, and yes, I can totally see the drama metaphor and I think it works. Particularly for the OTP/'shippy end of fandom, which is a majority anyway.

Coppa (the author of the article) also mentions how this is a change from the lit sf side of fandom, where admirers of that form usually write their own original fic. Or (and this is my own addition) a lot of 'guy fanfic' (terrible term, sorry) where the stories may be set in the same universe, but often with whole new ships and crews, a la Peter David's Excalibur Star Trek series.

And I think that rather neatly encapsulates my reaction to and my place in fanfic. I straddle the line (rather uncomfortably so, sometimes) between the two. I don't read a lot of fanfic, actually, because most of it doesn't interest me. I find endless variations on the same theme dull. I'd much rather have a new one (a new plot, a new story) as a reader. I have scores of t.v. show DVDs, but I rewatch only for fic research. I rarely just pop one in to watch it, because I've seen it already.

And, as a writer, I'm even less likely to go there. As I've said before, I like playing in someone else's sandbox, but I bring my own toys. Hence my love of crossovers, what-ifs, OC's, and exploring secondary characters. I default to long and plotty, perhaps because that's how my lizard brain understands that the story is 'new'. Despite being painfully aware of the reality that short fic is far more likely to garner feedback - long fic is a siren call in my ear, that "and what happens next? And after that? But the consequences would be, and..." that I have yet to resist in any of my serious writing fandoms.

So perhaps what this means is I have the instincts of a lit sf fan but the desire to be part of the media fandom community (cuz, y'know, THE SQUEE must be shared!), so I play in the same sandbox but occasionally off in my sparsely populated corner. Which isn't bad, of course, but it does, I think, put me slightly out of step with many of my fellow media fanfic writers.

Interestingly, my style is definitely the media fan-style that Coppa talks about, heavily influenced by the shows/movies I watch: dialogue heavy, description light, with short scenes and quick cuts. So I definitely have that part down. heh.

Anyway, I hope this doesn't come off all 'woe is me', because that's not what I mean. It was more of a 'oh, NOW I get it! moment. And the idea of fanfic as drama really helped me understand what other people see in the same story told again and again. The readers and writers are poking at the differences and the nuances, so it's never exactly the same story. It's just a little too the same for me, that's all.

Really, is there any other fandom that examines itself as much as media fandom does? Do other fans of sit around and navel-gaze about why they like the Lakers so much? I don't think so. *shakes head* But I'm glad we do, cuz it's nifty.

(Also, I am highly amused that the lj spellchecker doesn't like "fandom" and "fanfic".)
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Just Another Nutty Fangirlaudreyscastle on March 25th, 2007 02:24 am (UTC)
I think the media fans have the market on meta, at least from what I've seen....but as long as we all have fun, I think that's whats most important. :-D

I enjoy multishipping because life is too short for one pairing, but while I don't get OTP, I have no desire to go ruin someone's OTP fun.... But, yeah, fandom games can be weird sometimes.
lizardbeth: Baal-roachlizardbeth_j on March 25th, 2007 03:44 am (UTC)
well, we certainly have the fun! speaking of, I was going through my phone pics today and discovered I actually took two of Cliff at the signing table in Burbank. BONUS \o/ I'd forgotten I took them.

Of course, one of them is horribly out of focus. But did I throw it away? no....

AND, I have finally finished your disc. Turned out the file I thought was Tao, had the wrong ep number on it, so I have now gone through all my eps to check they are actually what they're supposed to be. I'll mail it mon.