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05 March 2007 @ 10:29 pm
Heroes is for the win!  
OMG, I love this show. I do, I just want to squish its adorable little head!

ZOMG, where to start?

Okay, first. "Agent Quesada!" cracks me up. best throwaway in ages. If you get it, it's hilarious. If you don't, no biggie.

Mama petrelli is awesome. She knows everything. She's always known everything. WOW.

Nathan....informant! And then tempted by the devil. And really, is there anyone better than Malcolm McDowell for playing the devil? (at least that kind of devil) At least we got to meet him finally, after being teased by it for all these episodes.

Niki did somethine. DL almost figured it out. And Hiro and ANDO -- New York post-NOT saving the world. yikes.

Mohinder knew! Or at least figured it out. Although... he really needed to be a bit more agressive in his restraints. poor Mohinder.

And Peter, talk about bad timing. But at least he already reflexively grabs for Claire's power when he's in trouble. next episode -- FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT! oh, and don't let Mohinder die. Thanksverymuch.

Nasty evil bad shapeshifter/illusionist. HISSS! Though c'mon, Bennet, you knew she was around, you should've been more careful. oops.

So many good things in this. So many things to chew over.