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31 December 2017 @ 09:59 pm
2017 in Review  

Fic-wise -- well, for the first time since, jfc, 2006? I think? I missed Yuletide this year. Not for any decent reason, I just fucked up the deadline so accidentally defaulted. oops. But that sucked. And was kind of indicative of my writing this year. 

What writing there was, was all MCU. Not too many this year *sad face* I’m including Ice Demon/Captain because it didn’t finish posting until March 2017, but I put it on last year’s list, so it doesn’t really count. Thank goodness for Ragnarok or it’d be a much, much sadder list.

First, Mischief and Mistletoe ficathon reveal! Because i managed to get that one in, on time... 

  • From the shattered stone -  Sif is there when Loki falls on Svartaltheim, changing his fate. And her own.  (Sifki but mostly Loki whump)

the rest (all Gen, unless noted otherwise):

  • The Ice Demon and the Captain - Gen, touch of Loki/Steve and Loki/Nat. 
  • Tall Tale or True -  In the aftermath of Ragnarok, Thor stumbles on the truth.
  • Together the Light - Thor and Loki say farewells from their new colony, Asgardia.
  • Aberration - Loki/Steve (established), post IW, Steve tries to convince Loki that being Jotunn is okay. (Mature)
  • A playing piece (pre-canon) - Frigga and Odin play a game about which son should best match with Sif.
  •  Not Home for the Holidays - (Asgardia) Loki and Wanda talk about holidays and what comes next.
  • Ragdoll - WIP. Loki is badly hurt by Hulk in Avengers and Thor takes him to Asgard.


Biggest news was that my father had a stroke at the end of September, so that took up a lot of my mental energy after that. I'm an only child, so it was pretty much just on my mom and me. It's no fun to watch your parents get old, and it's especially horrible to watch one of them suffer when he did nothing to deserve it. But he's a fighter, my Dad, and at 86 years old, he's determined to walk again and be able to go home. So hopefully that happens.

So hold onto your blessings, y'all. Health and love and family and friends are things that matter, so hang on to them. 

Happy 2018! 


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noybusiness: AndersGrievingnoybusiness on January 1st, 2018 03:36 pm (UTC)
I hope your dad will be better.