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04 November 2017 @ 05:50 pm
M&M signup  
Dear Mischiefmaker!

Thank you for writing for me! I almost didn't sign up this year - it's just been a crap year, so ultimately I'm just after something fun to read! Enjoy what you're writing and please don't stress. I'll enjoy reading what you enjoy writing.

Everything here is just me throwing ideas out - it's not (AT ALL) a list of the only things I might like.

Canon compliant is fine, if kinda difficult, IMO) so I'm also ok with what ifs, or various AUs. Supernatural, historical, college, space pirates, etc. Fusions: I.e. if you're familiar with Only Lovers Left Alive or Blindspot, doing some kind of fusion, either all together with Loki and Sif, or taking elements from one could be fun. Soulmates, reincarnation, those sorts of tropes are A+ too.

You can include canon through Ragnarok, or ignore everything after Thor (2011), or anywhere in between! (I
am not worried about that, okay? Also, don't feel required to make anything fit with the comics, at all. Make shit up, it's fine with me!

I generally like all the other characters, so feel free to use anyone else, just keep the focus on Sif and Loki as a couple.

GOsh, this is so open-ended, I feel there's no direction at all. If you have a story in mind, write it.
Write their firsts - first meet, kiss, battle together, fight and makeup sex, 'i love you'. Or if you like more canon based - how do they forgive each other after the events of the first movie/Avengers/later? Future fic-- how do they come together after Ragnarok? What if something different happened along the way, like say Sif never went to Midgard in the first movie, what might have changed? etc.


No tragic endings - bittersweet is alright if you must, but happier or at least promise of better days to come, would be better.

As mentioned in my signup-- no physical violence between them, please. Training together is perfectly fine, I'm just not a fan of the "she hit him and he liked it" trope.

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