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08 October 2017 @ 09:59 pm
Yuletide 2017  

Thank goodness for the pinch hit list reminder, or I wouldn't even have remembered to sign up.

Thank you, writer!

I tend to throw prompts, but they're always just ideas. don't tie yourself into a knot trying to do all/some/any of it. I do it so you can have a place to start -- at least I always stare in horror at the empty optional details, so I'm trying ot make it easier for you. But genuinely I'm fine with almost everything - I have a few Don't Wants for the prompts but beyond that go to town, have fun, spread your wings, whatever.

General DNW: all three requests can be shippy and explicit sexy is fine. consensual D/s is okay. But no dub-con and no hitting/punching/slapping even if consensual. thanks.

(Copypasting the first request from last year, because I want more!)

Request One: Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice
Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince/Wonder Woman

Ok, first of all, let's get this out of the way -- I don't think the hate leveled at this movie was at all justified. Is it the Greatest Movie Ever? No. But it has good things too, and it irritates me that those things got ignored just to dump all over it. If you're here to mock it, find another request, cuz that's a very firm Do Not want. I am not here for that.

Second, a bit about me: a long time ago, when I was a young comics-reading lass, there was a run of issues of Justice League when Bruce and Diana had ... a moment. And ever since then I have totally shipped them, in most continuities, to varying levels of interest. I don't actually read comics much anymore at all, so don't worry about any of that, I'm just saying that I was primed for them to be in a movie together and interacting. and okay, I ship them in the movie too.

The thing I like about BvS is that Batman is Gone Too Far. (I mean, it's Dark Knight Returns inspired, so yeah). But the movie is where he turns it back around to be a hero again. I mean, seriously, they fucking fridged SUPERMAN to give Bruce motivation to be a hero again. But it wasn't all Clark -- part of that was Diana, too. She has something of the same world-weariness that Bruce does, and at first all she wants is to keep her secret. So when she shows up and she's a hero, and she's AMAZING, well, of cuorse his little frozen heart would go pitter-pat, right? And I think she might be just a tiny bit impressed that he's purely mortal doing all this. He's not like her, or Clark, born with these abilities. That's gotta seem crazy or admirable, and I like to think as she gets to know him, she'd get more admiring. So I think they could definitely melt each other, given time and circumstance.

So, gen or ship, I'd love something about them getting closer, becoming allies, and friends. More if you're inclined that way. And if you are inclined that way, I'm good with any rating. Also I love Alfred, and the rest of the cast, so use whoever you want. Obviously we know her movie is coming out soon and JL will follow, but as far as I'm concerned, work with what we have now, and don't worry about what's in the pipeline.

DNW: I'm not looking for non-canon AUs, though if you have in mind a what-if AU that's fine.

Request Two:
 Only Lovers Left Alive 
Adam and Ian 

So, I've requested Adam and Eve in the past (and I
 do love them - it's hard not to like them and still like the film, I would think) But this year because signups kind of crept up on me, and because they had a memorial thing for Anton Yelchin the same day I filled this out, I was thinking that there's some more interesting story between them.

How did Ian become to be Adam's Renfield? What did he really think was going on? What might have happened if he'd turned instead? Did he and Adam ever bang? What did he think of Eve (did he know Adam was trying to kill himself?) 

Things like that. I'm fine with explicit or not. 

Request Three:
Amelia Brand 

This is another one inspired by it being on tv while I was thinking about what to request. I like Amelia, so tell me about her. We get a bit of her history, but not a lot, so feel free to explore whatever parts of her life you find inspiring - growing up to her reaction when (I presume) cooper shows up and beyond. 

I like all the characters, so use anyone else you want.
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