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01 January 2017 @ 09:21 pm
2016 Fanfic in Review!  
Happy New Year, y'all.

First, authors are revealed so I can claim these from holiday exchanges:

The Tale of the Forgotten, MCU, Angels&Demons AU, PG, mild Loki/Sif. As the Apocalypse begins, Sif is glad to start the war against Hell. But a mysterious stranger opens her eyes to the truth of the war

another tomorrow, Tomorrowland, PG, Casey finds something to bring back the one they lost.

3. Thinking too much, Jeremiah, Jeremiah/Markus, Mature. Jeremiah thinks Markus should celebrate their victory.

The rest of 2016  (stealing the AO3 formatting, hopefully it doesn't get too screwed up and I
 have to do it manually)

  • Comes the Hurricane (MCU) (121873 words) Gen. The Casket of the Ancient Winters is unleashed on Earth and Thanos comes. The Avengers with their reluctant ally of Loki fight to stop all of it. A big-ass work finally finished! Much plot, much character, much shit happeneth.
  • A small flame (Avengers Academy) (2406 words). Loki/Union Jack in the aftermath of Thor's arrival on campus.
  • The Last Contract (MCU) (70276 words) Some of that's from 2015, and it's still WIP. Loki/Sif, modern AU of royalty, spies and pretend science.
  • Win your hand (MCU) (816 words) Loki/Sif, regency prompt fill
  • Secrets in the Sun (MCU) (5937 words). Loki/Sif. modern musician AU.
  • The Ice Demon and the SSR (MCU)) (1644 words) What Peggy and Bucky did, after The Ice Demon and the Hydra happened.
  • Survivors (Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015), (2251 words) Canon Divergent AU. While watching over her young, Force-sensitive grandson, Padme gets a visit from Senator Snoke.
  • Tales of the Storm: He's a what? (MCU) (903 words) Humorous "outtake" for Comes the Hurricane.
  • Something (Battlestar Galactica (2003)) (590 words) Holy crap, an actual BSG fic! Just a little ficlet about Sam.
  • Would have (MCU) (331 words) Regret is a terrible emotion. (unrequited Loki/Sif)

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