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12 October 2016 @ 07:59 pm
Yuletide assignments came super awesomely quick, with the new code! I got the one where I actually went back and added an offer after I saw a cool letter, so I'm happy about that  (one year I did that, and got someone else's request that had no letter, so it was a total surprise!). Should be a fun canon review, and the letter was full of lovely prompts, so I can choose one of those.

I also have already written a draft of a treat for a different letter - one I didn't offer. Could have, but I thought I'd rather keep it spontaneous. I always feel like the treats don't have to be as 'perfect' - which often makes me feel like the assigned one ends up feeling a bit stiff.

Of course, first, I need to work on my Marvel Bang. I now have a posting date, so I really need to get it going and at least finish the draft. For a story that's supposed to be shorter and less complicated than my usual, it's definitely a struggle.

And finish Hurricane. I keep rewriting the last chapter/epilogue, trying to make it all gel and be awesome.