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29 September 2016 @ 09:48 am
oh yes that happened  
last weekend we went to Minecon (the Minecraft convention). It was really more for the kiddo than for me- as I don't play and know basically nothing. But it was interesting to observe from a non-fan perspective - first, that YouTube players/vidders are really the stars of the show. Second, the opening and closing ceremonies were pretty dull and sort of amateurishly produced. The mojang brand director seems nice, but really, she's not an entertainer and that's what they needed and not to drag out stuff we already know and/or don't care about. At least Sat night's show was better with TJ Miller (Silicon Valley, Weasel in Deadpool, etc) hosting and Fitz and the Tantrums performed, too. (aside, Hand Clap is a much better song without the autotune, I don't know why they did that)

Anyway it was interesting how the game (and con)'s very divided between the kids who play and watch the videos, and the adults who play but also mod and program. So the seminars were mostly for the second group, while the kids basically hung out on the floor and in the game area or went to the YouTubers panels. there were a couple of presentations/discussions that more knowledgeable kids got smoething out of, but overall, I feel like they needed a bit more kid-friendly track.

welp, it was my first con where I basically knew nothing and had nothing in particular to see, so that was different. I was kind of hoping to get some writing done while I was bored, but not so much.