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24 July 2016 @ 10:16 pm
sunday funday  
It's been pretty hot here, luckily not Super hot where I am, but hot. Worst part yesterday was the wildfire smoke was blowing straight at us, so there was a plume right across the LA basin. Made for some cool visuals though, since the sun was glowing scarlet through the smoke and everything was orange-tinted and shadowless. Luckily the wind shifted today, so it's not as heavy (at least for us, I'm sure that just means it's terrible somewhere else).

Today we finally put up curtains. We've only been living here since February. We have horizontal blinds but they're the sucky kind that dont' really go to the edge or close so they let in a lot of light, especially in the early morning. so, darkening curtains, yay!

then tonight we went to the USA vs China men's basketball game. It's a practice/tuneup match for Rio. Great thing about international basketball is the quarters are only 10 minutes, so it's a very quick game. We had unexpectedly great seats not far off the floor at one end (we thought we'd be farther up, but we were only twelve rows up from the floor). I also clocked the woman in front of me by accident when they were throwing Team USA t-shirts during the timeout breaks, oops. But it was a fun game amd it was good to go as a family.

And last week was my anniversary, so we went out to a nice dinner, just the Mr and I, and the food was excellent. they lit a little sparkler firework bringing our dessert, so that was unexpected!