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19 May 2016 @ 09:49 pm
wow it's been... longer than I thought  
let's see, round up:

i wrote one fic for the May the Fourth Star wars exchange - Survivors , a post-RotJ/pre-TFA canon divergence of Padme defending a very little Ben (here, Quin, because Qui-Gon lived and Obi--Wan died.)

Have been continuing Last Contract and Comes the Hurricane chapters. It's definitely not as easy to do them as true wips. On one hand there is a nice push to keep producing, rather than letting it sit or jumping to something shiny (which I am prone to do), but otoh I don't have the time to really make sure that certain things that happen aren't going to dump me into some wall down the road that I just don't see yet, or go back and fix anything major. It's a bit more seat of the pants than I really like (and switching between the two is harder than you'd think even though they're not that much alike). but at least both are winding up now.

signed up for Marvel Bang, which will likely be the next Ice Demon story, wherein Loki and Steve try to deal with being on modern earth. it'll be set between First Avenger/Thor and the events of Avengers, so it won't be as epic. Mostly so they can both see Bucky and Peggy again. :(

Today I joined in an online roundtable for the mobile game Avengers Academy (omg me on a webcam, I has a worry) which I've kind of backed into the fandom of. That was fun to be part of a fannish thing more directly again. Made me realize how long I've been basically a passive consumer on tumblr and a pretty passive producer of fic. Still fandom, obviously, but only somewhat interactive.

heh, and now it's bed time so if I don't post now, I probably won't. so hopeflly more later! 

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