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08 April 2016 @ 10:07 pm
personal family stuff  
Last week w e went to Lake Tahoe for spring break and we got super lucky, since it snowed on MOnday when we arrrived so it was beautiful. We went tubing and then the kiddo took some snowboard lessons in the mornings for two days and seemed to have some fun, as the weather warmed and the snow  turned icy/slushy, so we probably couldn't have done too much more. But the lake was beautiful, and I'm glad we went. I'd never been before. lsppeaking of luck, humorously, hubster and I are neither gamblers, so despite coming in/departing Reno in Nevada, and our hotel being on the Nevada side (and therefore having its own casino), I didn't drop one nickel in a slot machine the entire time. ah well. it's just not a thing for me.

One of the more interesting things, to me anyway, was they had a display in the Reno airport of the flags of the nations that participated in the 1960 Winter Olympics held in Squaw Valley (which on the west side of the lake, and Reno airport was renovated at the time for the olympics). It was funny becuase the kiddo could identify many of the flags, but of course had never seen a USSR flag before, even though he knows the Soviet Union once existed. anyway, it was kind of a blast from the past to see that display because even though I wasn't born yet to see Squaw Valley, I certainly remember Olympics with Soviet and East German flags.

then, tonight, was the Cotillion Ball. The boy has been going to a dance/social thing once a month since September and so tonight was the night htey show off for their parents. and stiffer dancers you have NEVER seen in your life, lol. there was one boy (not mine) who couldnt' put his hand on the girl's hip/waist, so he held it out to his side, kinda flapping around, it was hilariously awkward. Mine at least managed to touch his partner, but I'm not sure he looked at her the whole time, and his face looked like he was on the lookout for his spy target (or just counting steps, more likely!)  BUT the best part was that they did a mom/son waltz so I actually did a proper dance with the kiddo.  awwwwwwww. (I may never dance with him again until, maybe, his wedding, really, when you think about it. :(((( )  So it was special and I'm just kinda gonna bask iin it for awhile.  (he also had his Middle School Spring Fling afterward, at his school, so one more formal dance early and then a later one at school which was with more of his friends and far more racous reportedly)

and my tag for the kiddo is now totally wrong, because he's now taller than I am!  and he's only twelve.*cries*
Gramma Lunacylanalucy on April 9th, 2016 10:59 pm (UTC)
Sounds like a wonderful vacation. What a delightful memory to have with your son!

graycardinalgraycardinal on April 9th, 2016 11:17 pm (UTC)
Heh. My kid brother was taller than I was by the time he was twelve. OTOH, his two offspring (17 and 15) are now both taller than he is, which I count as a form of poetic justice -- especially since the younger one is tallest of all, and clearly not finished growing yet.