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It's a strange way that you can sell a house these days. Like, old days, you'd have to physically sign contracts and hand over keys. Now? it feels kind of unfinished because so much of it is "signed" online with just a click of the button and since our leaving/possession was  spread out over a couple days, there was no big MOMENT of transfer. It just kinda... happened. But it did, and it's done now. Now it's unpacking.

Trying to think of what else has been happening, which is... not much. I did my words totals for getyourwordsout for Feb and found I'm only about 6000 off my mark for the year, which is better than I thought it would be. That was mostly due to a TFA fic I started writing in a flurry of New! AU! Must! Write! excitement.  I guess I'd rather put those words on something that needs them than on something new, but at least I wrote something, despite the stress and hassle of packing up fifteen years of crap.

The new place is still a disaster area, btw. It's probably a bad plan to have unpacked the 'important' stuff, because now there are boxes that are opened and one thing is removed and the rest of it is just sitting there... This is why it's good that we'll probably move again, because now we can look at this stuff and that we dragged into the new place and say, 'you know what, I don't think we need this either".

oh, and fun news, they announced today that the space shuttle's last external fuel tank to exist is going to arrive by barge here in LA in May and parade through the streets, passing very close to me! yay. I do wonder where they're going to put it, because the pavilion where the Endeavour is right now, isn't big enough to hold both. But since the pavilion is just one of those perma-tent structures while they build the final hall, maybe it can be expanded more easily than I think. or heck, maybe they'll just leave it outside. For all I know it's been outside since it was built decades ago.
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