lizardbeth (lizardbeth_j) wrote,

For my Force writer

for the maythe4th_comm fic exchange --

thank you for writing for me!  I am super easy to please, tbh, I mostly get into ficathons to write, so I'm very happy just to get something in exchange! ;)

My requests basically boil down to GIMME ANY/ALL SOLO FAMILY FEELS -- I'm mostly in it for the tragedy of one of my earliest OTPs having their son go Dark Side. I mean, HOW THE HELL DID THAT EVEN HAPPEN? like, I know what the novelization says and assuming that gets carried through, that's super tragic for everybody involved. Creepy as fuck for poor little Ben, too.. But anyway, I'd love any post-RotJ scene with little Ben, and any and all Han/Leia stuff anywhere along their timeline. And I added in the Padme & Ben request because the idea of a Padme-Lives AU where she becomes a grandmother is intriguing to me (or I suppose, he could have some kind of vision of her, too, if you don't want to go the full  AU route).

I like AUs so a scenario where Ben chooses the Light on the bridge with Han. or, future, because I just really want Leia to be right about him in the end, so some spec/AU where he comes home or at least they meet again. poor Leia, it's just not fair to take everything ever from her!

And for either the Han/Leia or Han/Leia/Luke request, I'm fine with porn, too. i'm generally more into it if there's more to it than just sex, esecially the OT3 because it's more how it happens than after it happens that interest me, but take it wherever you want to go.

As mentioned in my signup, my main Do Not Want is for spousal violence - like, Han and Leia arguing is fine, welcome even, but keep it verbal, hatch slamming, and maybe a thrown vase at a wall at most, but no hitting or slapping each other. thanks. And no incest, except for the Han/L/L prompt, in case there's any confusion about the other relationship prompts!

Further notes --  yes, I do love all the rest, too, so feel free to include who you want, including Rebels characters, because I'm very sad they're not included in the exchange  (yet).

re: canon -- how bound you want to be to the supplementary stuff is up to you. But don't worry about it for my sake, at least, cuz I've only read the TFA novelization and Lost Stars of the new canon.

Tags: ficathons, star wars
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