lizardbeth (lizardbeth_j) wrote,

Odds n ends

So sad about David Bowie. Barely 69, that's too young. I suppose no one can say he didn't live life on his own terms or leave an amazing legacy, but still. That picture Duncan Jones tweeted of him as a baby with his father just... awww. makes me teary just remembering it. Anyway, we lost a legend, but I think of that picture, and Iman and the rest of his family, It must be difficult to have to deal with a personal loss that the rest of the world also takes personally (or I don't know, maybe some find some consolation in it, knowing they're not alone? I hope anyway). I was thinking back to the Freddie Mercury tribute concert when Annie Lennox and Bowie did 'Under Pressure', and I still remember that part the best of the whole concert. so many memories, his music came first, I'm pretty sure, but Labyrinth was of course there and formative, as it was for so many of us of a certain age. Farewell, Goblin King.

(and today was also the service in LA for Natalie Cole, so it's kind of a double whammy of sad losses on the local news)


In less sad news and mostly irrelevant, but because it proves I'm not just imagining a problem, AO3 got back to me on my question about the autocomplete on Kara/Sam. There's a bug where some relationships are somehow disconnected from their fandoms so if you put in Anders Kara in the ship field without the fandom it shows up in the autocomplete, but filling in BSG first, it won't show. Which is odd, but at least it's not just me being a weird shipper imagining things! now if I happen to stumble on another fic I forgot to archive over there, I know how to get it to show up in the drop-down now. t shouldn't matter, it's just convenient and it makes sure it's in the proper tag, just in case.

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