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13 November 2015 @ 03:17 pm
The Ice Demon and the Spider 6/?  

On the other side of the planet, Thor crawled into place next to Jane to look over the ridge down into the site where the mortals were keeping Mjolnir. Or rather, where Mjolnir was keeping itself and the mortals had built all of this around it, as if to lay claim.

He wanted to laugh at their foolishness. They were so childish, these mortals, attempting to control when they had no understanding of anything.

Despite its bright lights, the encampment below seemed made of paper. Entry would not be difficult. Perhaps they might offer a little resistance – he saw some who seemed intended to be guards – but they were small and mortal, with primitive weapons. Without much danger to him, he might enjoy himself.

"You're just going to walk out of there?" Jane demanded, incredulous.

He grinned at her. "I'm going to fly."

He took the memory of her open-mouthed, wide-eyed astonishment with him as he headed down the hill to find the perimeter.

There was a primitive fence, only metal woven together. The first two guards were not even entertaining, taken so much by surprise they couldn't raise the alarm. He headed across the trampled sand toward an entrance to the paper tunnel, wondering if he could get all the way to Mjolnir without an alarm being raised.

The alarm rang out, an irritating noise and flashing lights, and he grinned. At least he didn't have to sneak around anymore.

As he fought his opponents, energized by the exercise and a chance to use what strength remained to him in this mortal form, he thought of recent adventures when he and Loki had fought back to back. It had been such great fun to have his brother fight at his side again, as they had in his youth, before Loki had vanished to Midgard for nearly a century and left Thor on his own.

Recent years had seen Loki return to that eagerness to seek adventure again, and he'd stopped his mewling about being cautious and thrown himself into it with equal fervor. He'd offered only one, half-hearted caution against the revenge mission against Jotunheim. But apparently that had been enough to buy Father's mercy for him, since he'd not come here or surely Jane would have noticed. Why would he go anywhere else, but be sent after Thor? So Loki must be at his ease in Asgard, having talked his way out of trouble again.

But as soon as Thor grabbed Mjolnir again, was restored to his proper powers again, he'd call the Bifrost and return home, too. He'd been punished enough for his minor sin of disobedience, and surely Odin had realized Thor had been right to defend Asgard against that unprovoked attack.

More attackers. Well, they certainly had the personnel to throw at him, even if none were particularly challenging opponents.

Until one knocked him down, and suddenly things got far more interesting. Thor looked up and wiped the blood off his lip, with a grin. He had to keep looking up. "You're big. I've fought bigger."

In the fight they tore through the paper wall and back out into the rain. The mud turned footing more treacherous, and his grappling technique was a little rusty. He hadn't used those in a while, since Mjolnir tended to end fights without needing to wrestle the opponent into submission.

But long ago or not, he still had more skill than the over-matched mortal fighter, and he was soon standing up in the mud and going to Mjolnir. Unopposed now, finally they'd stopped throwing people at him in vain efforts to stop him and let him go where he wanted to go.

Not that there weren't weapons pointed at him; he knew that. But they held off, perhaps finally recognizing that one greater than themselves was in their midst and they didn't dare.

The mortals were irrelevant, all that mattered was Mjolnir. His hammer was right there, waiting for him to reclaim it.

He wrapped his fingers around the familiar haft, ready to feel the power course through him, restore him to his place and his strength.

Nothing happened.

He tugged on the handle. Mjolnir didn't move, not a whisker. He pulled harder, bracing himself with his feet and using both hands to pull the handle up.

It was fixed to the Earth, no more movable to him than to anyone else.

The rain fell on him, but he felt none of the wet or the chill or the muddy water dripping down his neck.

He'd lost Mjolnir. He'd lost Asgard. He'd lost his parents and his brother, and his friends. He'd lost everything.

He bellowed his grief, but even then, the All-father didn't relent.

It was gone. He was stuck here. Trapped in this mortal form, with Mjolnir taunting him. And now no way to get it all back.

When the humans filed in to take him prisoner he didn't care, and when one of them introduced himself as Agent Coulson, the one who had stolen Jane's work, he didn't care. He didn't listen. Nothing mattered.

When Erik Selvage came in, calling him Doctor Donald Blake and getting him out of there, Thor couldn't even be surprised. It was all so bleak and empty.

So when Erik said they should get a drink, Thor decided that was an excellent plan. He had nothing else to do or anywhere else to go that was any better.

He didn't hear Agent Barton murmur to Coulson, as he left, "You didn't tell him about the other situation."

"We don't know they're connected."

"Another guy who can take down our agents like they're standing still in a Norse-speaking land, while this guy comes to fetch his Norse-looking 084?" Barton asked.

"There's no 084 in Arendelle," Coulson said. "Only a mark on the ground. And someone who objects to SHIELD being in Arendelle. Could be coincidence." He looked at Barton. "And if they're connected, we certainly don't want them to know we know they're connected. We'll keep our eyes on 'Doctor Blake' and Romanoff will figure the other one out soon enough."

(Part seven)