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10 November 2015 @ 10:43 pm
 so you know how I was writing an original novel plan for NaNoWriMo? 

Yeah, about that... 

I actually ended up writing on my MCU gift fic. Not that it's going to be 50K, but one of the prompts struck JUST RIGHT, and I'm like "oooh shiny!" and so here I am, again. Though it's a bit of a tactical decision, as it's going to be Super Easy to change to an original fic, I think. so at least I can tell myself there's still a non-fanfic version behind the one I'm writing. 

or something like that. I do like it quite a lot, at least. And I'm also really looking forward to my Yuletide fic.

But since Ice Demon and the Spider launches Friday. I have some beta comments to work in/rewrites, in the next few days, so NaNo is going to be a bit iffy anyway. I'm not quite sure of the wisdom of posting it concurrent with Comes the Hurricane - I assume the audience overlaps, in the "gen Odinsons w/added Avengers" AU" division quite a bit. Not that they're the same plot, because they're not, but still. I dunno, seems like it might be too much? (at least Comes the Hurricane and Last Contract are pretty different, from each other, so there wasn't much confusion there. I think CtH and Spider are more similar in how they're both MCU canon divergent AUs). Anyway, I guess we'll see. I can hiatus one for a bit,if it gets to be a problem. 

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