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16 February 2007 @ 02:42 pm
Between last night's Supernatural and today's lunchtime watching of SG-1 "Bad Guys", I think my tummy is sore from laughing too much.

I'll do separate cuts, with "Tall Tales" at the bottom, so you can avoid the SG-1 stuff if you want.


Pretty disposable, really. Everyone looks wow -- and there were some cute bits.

Vala's talking to Cam's parents is still hilarious.

OMG, BUS! Sort of like the Jaffa running out in front of a car at the beginning of "Ex Deus Machina." Or really, more like "Final Destination" I guess. That's one way to tie up a plotline. Aliens need to pay more attention to traffic. Random, and yet... snorfle.

I did also love Vala admitting that she's married and refusing the guy's advances.

So, Cam's HS class of '87 hm? That puts him as being born in '69ish. Not that I would, erm, have any quick way of knowing that. Or anything. no. ahem. Younger than Sam then, IIRC, but not by much.

What is the strange unnatural pull of KANSAS on sci-fi t.v. writers. It's either Superman's fault or The Wizard of Oz, I guess, but DAMN, people. There are 49 more states for our characters to be from, really. We'll get the "you can't go home again" theme without it, I promise. (see also, Supernatural)

Bad Guys

OMG, so funny. I wonder how much of this Ben actually wrote, some of it seems like his Farscape stuff, but with only story credit, it might have been only a pitch that Gero wrote. Either way, it's funny without being mocking of either themselves or the audience, and I'm ecstatic.

"Don't go there." hee! Canon!Whore me loves little nods like that.

yep, Cam and Jonas really should play trivial pursuit with the SG-1 mission reports. Jonas would probably win, but Cam could definitely give him a run for his money.

Love LOVE all the props/costumes lying around. That was the Horus Jaffa head from the movie wasn't it? cool. (though I am suspicious that the Daniel-in-the-library scene from Bounty and this one are the same set only slightly redressed)

Fake DHD! hee. And everyone shooting down Cam's hope that the real one is hanging around somewhere.

Between Bounty and this one, they've really given into the BB and CB chemistry, haven't they? All to the benefit of the show, but DAMN do they work well together.

And Daniel trying very hard to be bad, and failing rather dismally. *snerk*

While Teal's is ominous without even trying. Teal'c also did the two gun thing AGAIN. guh! Thank GOD we got rid of the staff finally.

Though I do wonder a bit at Cam going with Vala to look for artifacts - wouldn't he send Daniel and stay to watch over the hostages himself? I guess Cam figured himself better to guard Vala and deal with the technical issues of powering the gate with her, and Daniel was doing the negotiating thing, but... hm.

Good use of guests and new characters with their own agendas. And SG-1 feeling their way through the radically unexpected circumstance they found themselves in.

Anyway, no ep can be bad that has Cam and Teal'c spouting "Die Hard" references.
Definitely a keeper.


As a sucker for the 'unreliable narrator' schtick on t.v. this was awesome. Seeing the guys through each other's eyes, so exaggerated -- HEE-LAR-EE-OUS!

Even darling hubby snorfled a few times, and that is not easy to do.

alien abduction with SLOW DANCING! OMG!

Dean's version of Sam's "blahblahblah" and "I'm here for you' speech.

Dean's very reluctant refusal of the hot babes. hee. matched rather well with Sam's version of the skanky 'ho coed in the bar.

Bobby must be a dad. he brought the smackdown on the boys a little too skillfully to have not handled sibling spats before. "Can we go now?" hee.

And Trickster demigods. way cool. I'd love to see him back. (someone posted the idea that the trickster might go in with Sam and Dean against the Demon, which would rock. They need some supernatural help).

But no new ones until March. But then, Tricia Helfer guests! Wow, is she really working it lately or what? awesome.