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28 October 2015 @ 07:16 pm
 While I wait for Yuletide matching, I'm trying to figure out what I should do for NaNo (yes, I probably should figure this out sooner!).  Basically it comes down to a Supernatural Romance, or a YA Fantasy (with a bit of romance) and I have no idea which I should go with. The Romance one is more plotted, because I've actually written some of it already, and it's an AU with the serial numbers filed off so the characters are a bit easier. And it's a romance, so I know how it ends. :)  the Fantasy one ties into the same 'verse as a previous NaNo project, but I don't actually know how that ends. Because, I guess, I don't know the story. So I should figure that out. *sigh*  Or just fuck both ideas and do the Mer vs human fantasy that's sitting with 5K in my drafts folder. I DUNNOOOOOO.

I suppose, to be ruthlessly practical, I should do the romance first, because that can be an e-book more easily. And that could serve as  a gateway to others. So maybe that's how I should approach it.

I've also written some Crimson Peak fic, which is either going to be my recipient's story if the Yulegoat is kind or I'll find some requestor to give it to for a treat, because, yes. how could I not? That movie is like FIC CITY  I suppose it proves the adage that imperfect things draw fic more than perfect things, but it's certainly true in this case. Things sketched broadly long to be filled in and things that are tragic want to be fixed, that's kind of a given of fandom/fanfic imo.

A lovely stranger actually said that I should change Last Contract into a non-fanfic story. And granted it's not that close already - if I changed the names I'm not sure anyone would guess (and they'd probably guess the wrong canon anyway, since "Loki" isn't even brothers with "Thor" in this 'verse).  The real "issue" and it's not really one I guess would be to change it from a thinly-disguised Norway to a more-disguised Norway probably. 

One of these days I will have to talk about tv.

All this dithering brought to you by Yuletide, Nano and BEARS.

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Gramma Lunacy: huggy ryanlanalucy on October 30th, 2015 05:04 am (UTC)
Bears! :D