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18 October 2015 @ 12:08 pm


And I'll say what I say every year -- YOU HAVE EXCELLENT A+ TASTE!! *G*  Also, thank you for writing for me!!!

I am totes into Yuletide for writing fun, for me as a writer and you as a writer. SO THEREFORE, I have lots of ideas below for each fandom, but they are only ideas that I thought of, pretty much off the top of my head, of things that would be fun to read. However, they are certainly not the only ideas I would enjoy. I like lots of things. I am okay with AUs (canon divergent more so than alternate setting ones, but both can be fun), crossovers (with my other fandoms, I mean, something with Gossip Girl or whatev is going to leave me cold, cuz I dont' know it, but in general yes I like them), expanded bits of canon, head-canon/fanon, plotty action stuff, intimate character studies.  Point is: I would far rather read something you had fun writing than you try to follow some prescriptive list. Okay? Okay.




Kanan in all his messed-up glory is my fave, so something focusing on him is what I want. But it doesn't have to be him alone - i ship him and Hera, and I love the whole Space Parents aspect of how he relates to the other crew. I'd love a fic to explore his issues with the imperials (I mean, given how badly Order 66 hit him, I'm actually very impressed with how well he handled meeting Rex and Co- you can givve me more of that, or an alternate take where he was a bit more screwed up about it than a kiddie cartoon would go). Or what his youth was like either as a padawan during the Clone Wars, or after. After he meets Hera and hooks up with her more permanently. omg there's just so many possibilities I'd love to see.

I wrote two fics myself Truth in Visions (moody piece where Kanan contemplates Trayvis' betrayal) and The Fire Within (a post-"Fire across the Galaxy" H/C Kanera smut). So you can see some of my take in there, but if you wanna do some other take on post-FATG h/c (smut or no smut), I'm just fine with that. Really, Kanan at any stage would be really fun, since we have so little to work with yet.

But generally, I really enjoy how he's becoming more Jedi as he teaches Ezra, but it's also forcing him to remember stuff he tried really hard to forget. so there's always this tension of him wanting/trying to be just another smuggler, and yet he just can't help being more Jedi all the time, even if he grouses about it.

But there's so much I want to know and read about, I'm trying to think about something I don't want. and really, outside of him banging Zeb or Ezra  (more because Ezra's too young, and I'd rather the master/padawan dynamic not be screwed up like that, just yet. I mean, I've read my share of Q/O smut, so no judging, but I'm still more Kanera)., I can't really think of anything? I've got no problems with it going dark (like, Inquisitor/Kanan mindgame rape dark) or fluffy future Kanera babies, I'm good with both. Kanan on the day he's chosen an apprentice? Kanan and Hera take Sabine aboard?

And, last, not that I'm sure I want this to be in canon, but, well, unfortuately I don't think the famous line "There is another" refers to Kanan, so he's gotta die by Empire Strikes Back. :(  So if you want to take on that tearjerker *sniff* I CAN TAKE IT. *sniff*

I'm caught up with the show, and I've read A New Dawn and his comics series so feel free to use any of that. or not.


Adam and Eve

Just copying what I wrote last year because it's still true. I got a wonderful fic last year for this fandom, which was just beautifully tragic. BUT I WANT MOAR. GIMME MOAR.
I adore them both - Adam in all his anti-social grumpiness, and Eve far wiser and more fey. How did they meet? Has he always been like this? Did they have an argument when they parted last? Do they have sex or some sort of mental bonding telepathy thing (seriously, blood drinking seems pretty orgasmic on its own for them, so maybe that's all they need?)  See ? And also, I was not joking if you want to do Adam and Eve IN SPAAACE. because seriously, tell me they wouldn't be all over that shit if they possibly could. or it occurs to me there's that cut scene when the sun burns Adam - so tell me why did he go through that whole ordeal with the bullet if he could just go sit outside? (I mean, I imagine it's because he thinks it would be quicker, but still, it's a bit of a lack of conviction too, isn't it?)  anyway, as you can guess from all my questions I am fine with sex and death and vampire things with them, or fluffy first meetings, or post-movie training those fledglings, or taking that gorgeous photo of their wedding, or how they separated this last time. Or y'know whatever thing to just continue to fill in this wonderful 'verse.

(and right about now you are getitng the picture I hope that all these are just random ideas I'm throwing on the page. *reads what I've written* And possibly tending to the weird and creepy...)


Brian Finch Jared Sands

Sands is just as creepy/awesome as I hoped he'd be when I read the announcement that Colin Salmon was joining the cast (his voice - sigh - i'll just have to imagine it). Given the show is (at this point) only 4 episodes in, I have no idea how Sands is going to end up, but right now I love how he's got Brian on a leash. so I wonder how far it's going to go. So I'd love it if you got all creepy mind game here, where maybe Sands likes his power just a little too much. And if you want Morra in on the action, I wouldn't say no, because Bradley Cooper.  Or have Brian manage a win a if you don't want to go dark. I like Rebecca and his family, too, it's just the double agent/blackmail aspect that I'm most intrigued by.

LIMITLESS has turned into my favorite new show of the season. I know! How does this happen? But I like the way they turn the procedural formula more into this... railing and then the hang whatever Brian's doing on it. So it's very much Brian's POV of the cases, and we dip into and ot of them as necessary, but it's not really about the case (compare to Blindspot which unfortunately is trying to do it the other way around, and is poorer for it). I love how Rebecca is not his By the Book guardian like in so many of these tandem shows, but kind of sly and rule-break-y herself. So if you wanna do Brian tells Rebecca about Sands and they take him down together (unless that's happened in canon, in which case, I guess the opposite would be interesting). Or just a "Sands sends Brian to do something" type of case for the most basic I guess. Whatever floats your boat. :)

Thomas Sharpe, Lucille Sharpe

oookay I'm Hiddleston trash, so there's that. I was primed to like it just for that. Which I did. (although Hunnam does nothing for me, so leave Alan out of this. Every word out o fhis mouth makes me cringe). But Edith is lovely, so if you want her around that's fine.

But it's such a beautiful film and these two are SO INCREDIBLY FUCKED UP. Like, no wonder Jessica Chastain apparently had a giant notebook of notes and reading material about her character, because OH MY GOD.

So, I don't know, something about their past? I'm okay with the Flowers in the Attic-y story of how they clung to each other and developed into awkward sexuality. Lucille says their mother called them monsters, so she must've caught them at it. What did she do? Is that when Lucille decided to kill her? Thomas was only twelve, how involved was he?  or what happened when they were reunited after she was institutionalized (I mean, how? Did he just come back and claim her, saying she was okay now?) How did he deal at boarding school with literally no experience with other males besides an abusive/absent father? Did anyone try to help him/them? Or what sounds like a completely tragic happening with the baby, what's that whole story?

Or for something a bit happier, maybe a canon divergence of how maybe they could've escaped? Or later, instead of coming back to the hall if they'd just gone away? Or with Edith?  I'm fine with Thomas/Edith too if you'd like to have him actually agree with Edith and they try to escape?  Anyway canon divergence of how something might have been different/ better would be awesome, too.

And honestly how the house didn't burn down at the end, I'm really shocked at, since that's kind of a staple - so BURN IT. Maybe the kids burn it after they kill mother, so now they're just tragic incest orphans but she's not locked up. does that help them? if the house is gone, do they cling to each other even more but are less murdery? I WANT TO KNOW ALL THE THINGS.

And last idea, which I"ll probably end up writing myself if nobody else does it for me -- to combine my awesome Hiddles requests in a somewhat more hopeful way, what if, maybe at boarding school or just after when Thomas is trying to get Lucille out of hospital, he meets a pale-haired lady named Eve who makes it her mission to save him because he reminds her so much of her beloved Adam who died of blood poisoning?

So, you can tell I'm like basically everyone else who requested this fandom this year, because it's lush and screwed up and there's all kinds of dark corners to fill in. Dark is fine, light is fine. whatever you feel inspired to write, whether it's something I mentioned (or someone else did!) or not, I mean it's all good. This isi obviously an incest fandom, so sex between them is fine. If you want to do the underage thing with them, that's fine with me, too (though please warn for it,  because that's something that I believe needs a warning).

(sorry I just saw CP the same day I'm writing this, so I am ALL ABOUT IT. But trust me, I love all four of my requests, I'm just obliterated right this second)

BUT ANYWAY, whichever fandom you choose, have fun. That's the main thing. Trust that I will love whatever it is, because I will!

Thank you again for writing for me!!
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lizardbeth: Av- Friggalizardbeth_j on October 18th, 2015 10:32 pm (UTC)
oh always, yuletide is an annual tradition for me. It's lots of fun (and stress, but also fun). I'm going to try to do something short and sweet this year, though, and stay away from epics.
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lizardbeth: Av - hiddles coriolanuslizardbeth_j on October 19th, 2015 12:02 am (UTC)
sadly no, I haven't yet! :( :( Hopefully this week -- I was going to go tomorrow during the day as I had an empty day but now the kidlet cracked his mac screen so I have to take it to the Apple store. *Sigh* so tempted to ground his ass not just for breaking his computer, but denying me my gothic romance, and er nakedness. :D
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lizardbethlizardbeth_j on October 19th, 2015 01:26 am (UTC)
ha, will do. :D