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19 September 2015 @ 04:23 pm
Fic writing meme  
It’s 101 Days of Smiles and it’s time to talk yourself up, writers! Appreciate yourself and your writing. Enjoy it and don’t be afraid to tag your fic. This is all about self love–ahem….not that kind–so have fun with it.

I have been tagged by gaslightgallows

(I tend to answer these types of meme with an mcu fic and one with other fandoms, because I have a lot of fic and I’ll spread the love that way)

1. Your favorite fic you’ve written

A Crocus in the Snow While I do love all my MCU epics, I think this one came out the closest to the story I wanted to tell. Both threads work, both are honest, and it ends right.

The Road to Tartarus - my SG-1 epic. I still reread it, honestly. I still love it.

2. Your least favorite fic you’ve written

Unintended Consequences . My least favorite of all my mcu fic. This short sifki fic’s never sat with me quite right. Even including hasty ficlets, it’s the one I’m most likely to pull.

A Change in the Wind -- the BSG fic that’s my least favorite not because it’s terrible, I don’t think it is, but because it was the one most badly jossed by later canon.

3. Your most popular fic

AO3 stats, yay!

by hits: The Poison Rain still crushes all challengers by thousands of hits

by kudos: A Seed in Barren Lands is my most appreciated

at this point, unless I write one of the big ships, there’s not much that will unseat either (and yes, there was a point I pondered making Ice Demon/Hydra into Loki/Steve or Loki/Bucky just because I knew it would get more eyeballs than gen, but I didn’t)

4. The fic you wish more people would read

Under a Shadowed Sky - a BSG fic with double strikes against it, Kara/Sam AND it’s wingfic, but it’s not silly, at all. It’s painful, and it’s kind of beautiful, and I’m always sad that it’s never had more people appreciate it.

And not that it’s not been read at all, but I think all mcu fans would like The Kind of Guy you save - it’s Sam finding Bucky and helping Bucky, kind of in spite of himself and just generally being the great guy he is. (why is there a Sam in every single damn fandom? Whyyyyy)

5. The fic you most enjoyed writing

Right now I’m really enjoying The Last Contract, tbh. I don’t usually do true WIPs, because of the risk of me getting bored and failing to finish it, but this one, I just keep having so much enthusiasm for it.

6. Your funniest fic

Okay it’s a tiny fandom, but Larry Bird and the Quest for the Clitoris is fucking hilarious to me. It’s the ridiculousness of “The Neighbors” (the comedy about the suburban aliens), and sex. One of my (rare) attempts at humor that I think worked.

7. Your hottest fic

What We Want A Kara/Sam/Lee threesome with bonus bondage. what’s not to love?

Someday I’ll figure out how to finish and post the smutty Thorki id-fic I wrote without embarrassing myself.

8. Your saddest fic

I write a lot of angst/sad fic, so ymmv, but for MCU, I think Ice, like glass, shatters is probably the saddest, because it’s not just Loki spiraling at the end of the first movie, but doing so for a really awful reason that’s even worse for the reader who knows the truth of Laufey’s relationship to him. And beyond Loki Angst at 11 -- Until we leave this behind is the saddest BSG fic. Quite a few of my stories deal with death and resurrection thanks to canon, but I think this one wins for being only about the first, really.

9. The fic you’d like to be remembered for

oh, gosh, I guess, even though the whole sequence isn’t finished quite yet, I’d choose Understanding the Storm. That’s one of the few fics I’ve written where I wouldn’t mind if it was found and read (especially by Rene Russo, I like to think she’d enjoy it).

10. The thing(s) your fic contributed to fandom headcanon

I... don’t know? I was part of the early pro-Sinclair faction of B5, at least, and I know my stuff was still read later by new fans, so if there’s anything it’s probably that. Other people probably could answer that better than I can, but I would guess probably not.

It’s not spread but one of my favorite things is that Muninn is a greedy smartass, who demands treats all the time. I’m also very fond of my personal addition that when Bor leveled Svartalfheim, he set in motion the inevitable extinction of the Svartalfar. It makes more sense than that “darkness’ b.s.

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Rayrirenec on September 20th, 2015 02:08 pm (UTC)
I've downloaded Under A Shadowed Sky to read this week. I'm needing me som Kara/Sam.
lizardbeth: Kara-Anders IIlizardbeth_j on September 22nd, 2015 12:36 am (UTC)
I hope you enjoy it! :)
(and aw, I don't have my Shadowed Sky icon uploaded anymore. *sad*)