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12 September 2015 @ 01:49 pm
writing to do list  
just to try to think through some stuff. I'm getting near the end of a couple of big projects and I need to talk to myself about it.

1. Ice Demon/Spider

At the point where I have the bones of everything, but the back quarter is like story bits exploded all over everything.  I need to connect and stream it all together. I also need to watch THOR again, because I've completely forgotten how the Earth part goes, since I need some of that for this AU.

2.  Hurricane
Getting ready to start posting. The beginning is finally in shape and I know the end, so it'll be more WIP than usual, but it's been long enough I think. I probably should shove it in scrivener again and check the character spread.

3. The Last Contract

This ridiculous fic. I never intended this to turn into this huge romance novel WIP. It has, however, been great fun to write! royalty, assassins, pining - - what's not to like?!?!  :DD

And like my other AUs of some accidental substance,  it gives me feelings of "well, why don't you just rework it into an actual novel. It's not like it's THAT hard to scrub off the serial numbers, when the serial numbers are only vaguely connected to the canon anyway". But it could be pretty fun to rework. I'd have to make "Jotunheim" less obviously Norway and maybe make it some fake island nation in the north, like a mashup of Iceland and the Faroe Islands or something like that. I'd hate to lose all the fun research I've done, even if I have to tweak it. But that's just an idea.

to do: next chapter of Last Contract and (hopefully) finish draft of ID/S. Work on Hurricane after other draft.