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12 July 2015 @ 06:45 pm
Saw Minions which is pretty funny. There's a great SDCC joke in there for people who are watching the movie instead of being at the con. *snicker*

Yet another year of no SDCC which is sad for me, since there was a period I went every year, but not since kiddo was born. Well, one of these days, certainly he's got enough interests that he'd enjoy it now too, I think, although he wouldn't want to go what I want to go to, so we'd have to figure it out. Obviously I'm sad to have misssed the Crimson Peak/Hiddleston stuff, but there's a lot of other things that I've been enjoying in a second-hand way, too. (though jfc, I remember when the Sideshow booth on the floor was, like, my bathroom. it's now the size of my house. They have cool stuff, though, that 1/6th TIE is amazing looking)

Also this weekend, Not Prime Time ficathon opened -- I have two gifts! :DDD (and I wrote three, if you can guess one of them you get a drabble or something) Lots of big fandoms so most people should know at least some of the fandoms if you're looking for new fic. :)

Writing this weekend has been for crap mostly - I scribbled a treat for NPT at the last minute and that's been pretty much it.