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04 July 2015 @ 11:04 pm
Went a big bbq family thing yesterday but still managed to pick up a NPT pinch hit and do that. But today was sad -- some of you know we have a feral cat problem in our area. we have two houses of people who believe that leaving out tons of food is, like, the limit of their responsibility. So they're not neutered or dewormed or anything.

But today was awful because one of them had a litter and apparently abandoned it. we heard the kittens crying all last night and then, this morning, when we went out, one of them had managed to roll or stagger out from under the shrubbery and onto our deck area. so this tiny little one was just there, mewing. So we took it to the animal shelter hoping they could save it, but they said it was probably too young. :( Then later, a second one came out and we took that one in too. So my day has been trying to save teeny kitties and fireworks later. But it makes me so angry that these people just really do not give a fuck that these animals suffer - all they do is leave out food but don't take care of them at all, so they're all diseased and flea-ridden and it's just so sad. "sigh*

Camp Nano word count
Day 1 - 1238 - Last Contract
Day 2 - 1958 - Rebels fic
Day 3/4 - 1700 - NPT pinch hit fic
Gramma Lunacy: huggy ryanlanalucy on July 5th, 2015 09:33 am (UTC)
I'm sorry about the kitties. [[[hugs]]]
rhienellethrhienelleth on July 5th, 2015 04:34 pm (UTC)
OMG, I'm so sorry. Poor kitties. :( There are non-profit places that will come put out safe traps to catch feral cats and neuter them, at least in my area. Maybe ask around to find one you could call?
Ray: Wild Magicrirenec on July 5th, 2015 04:52 pm (UTC)
That's great about your pinch hit and words. You are a writing machine, honey. Full of ideas and words. :)

I'm super sorry to hear about the kittens. It's hard to see them suffer. Is there a cat charity nearby that will catch, de-sex, and then release the ferals?

(PS, I hope your dad is feeling better.)

Edited at 2015-07-05 04:54 pm (UTC)
Mayhem Parvaraincitygirl on July 6th, 2015 01:51 am (UTC)

I don't know where you live but there may be a feral cat rescue org in your area. They do trap, neuter, release for the adults who can't be tamed (or trap, put down if they're in very poor health). And trap, rescue, socialize, adopt for kittens. It's how I adopted my kitty. They may well be willing to come out with their humane traps or at the very least lend them to you.

P.S. It's a good thing you're doing.