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02 July 2015 @ 11:07 pm
Day 2  
So yeeeeeah, about that whole NO SHINY thing? yeah, fail.

Day 1 - 1238 - Last Contract
Day 2 - 1958 - Rebels fic

But haha, kiddo is now up to where Ezra gets to the Temple and he's TOTALLY SOLD. it is the greatest thing to watch.

(look, you can tell it's a THING - I made an icon. Damn Star Wars feels coming in out of nowhere)

[Spoiler for Rebels, I guess]You know the worst part of this show? SOME OF THEM (ALL OF THEM?) ARE DOOMED. Kanan, Ezra, and Ahsoka really can't survive to ESB, and in a way it would kind of piss me off if they do, because no, Luke and Leia are the LAST. Period. That's the whole freaking point. yoda doesn't say "there's another" referring to Ezra, it's LEIA. Like, maybe one, I could buy in hiding pop up later, but not all three. :( though thinking about it, it's kind of iffy that the droids in ANH would be sent after Ben unless the other three were already dead, given that Bail knows about them. But I'll just hum really loudly until ESB and Luke has his vision and has to go find Yoda, presumably because he's actually the only one still alive. Granted Yoda is a Master, but really, if they were aive, Kanan would have the experience of teaching a too-old padawan successfully to full Jedi status already and should be Luke's teacher. And you'd think the dead guy/Force Ghost would know that, even if Living Obi-Wan had no idea of Kanan and Ezra.

jfc, I do not need another plot bunny. I'm going to assume that one's already been done in fanfic, and let it go.