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beginning of summer

Friday, the kiddo was officially promoted to sixth grade. A sixth grader. oy. Time flies omg.  Our school is K-8, where 6-8 is the middle school (they have lockers and move class to class, instead of the mostly one classroom of the primary school). But they have joint assemblies, where k-5 sit on the floor, but 6, 7, and 8 get sections of the bleachers. So it is a BIG deal at the final assembly of the year when the fifth graders get to move from the floor to the bleacher seats finally. They were very excited at this particular rite of passage. SO adorable. :)

This week he's at Golf camp, which sounds hardcore (there are sports camps which are v hardcore, even for 11 year olds) but this is for beginners, so they use the space set aside for the golf team of the local university. It's wedged in between the softball field and tennis courts, it's the cutest little putting green, sand trap and driving cage you've ever seen. He's having a blast. Next week he goes away to an overnight camp, so that'll be even more fun. For him, and me. heh

I've also been dealing with my dad getting eye surgery - nothing super serious but time consuming driving him all over the place, getting his other doctors to sign off, then the surgery place, etc. And just more awareness that he's getting old and isn't in great health.

But at least today while I waited for his follow-up appointment, I was able to get a bit done on my NPT fic. Now I just need it to actually be a story, and to shove that other requested character in there somehow. flashbacks or a nightmare, because so there, requester with too many character requests you didn't say they had to be real

For my own keeping track mostly:

  1. NPT fic, obviously

  2. Fallen on Snow

  3. Last Contract,  not sure what the hell possessed me to start and post two WIPs at once. seriously, I KNOW BETTER. yet I did it anyway. At least I alternate them.

  4. Hurricane. lol, I figured out how to take SHIELD out of the equation for a little while, so there's one problem solved finally.

  5. marvel- bang fic.

and oh boy, that's enough, good grief.

Most of my writing woes would be solved by me remembering how to write lots of words in a sitting. I feel like I've forgotten how, somehow. urgh. it's a phase I guess, but I'd like it to be over. I know, put ass in chair, write words. that's the only real solution to the problem.

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