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25 May 2015 @ 10:44 pm
wait, a month?  
Didn't I update between? Apparently not. Wow, much boring.

Fic-wise, let's see, I"ve posted: All MCU, or at least vaguely MCU related because they're all AU, just some are more AU than others...

Tales of the Storm: Poison at the Feast (PG)  Young Thor and Loki when Loki falls unexpectedly ill.

Fallen on Snow , THOR AU, when Thor is killed on Jotunheim, Loki flips out, and Frigga is left to try to hold it together. Incomplete  (omg what am I doing? I know better than to post WIPs, and yet here I am, posting it WIP.)

The Last Contract Oh, this thing. let me explain. Tumblr has all these "AU" prompt lists, most of them are fun but pretty useless, But sometimes some of them are actual AUs, and so I got one of them (it's a twist on "Assassin falls for target") and I meant to do just a silly crack ficlet. THEN IT WENT HORRIBLY AWRY into actual plot and has almost 10k words. It's still kind of crack, and it's a pretty light tone for a story that's basically someone who's trying to kill someone (and failing pretty badly at it, really).  It's also funny to me because the first chapter is about 800 words and the most recent one is almost 4K. So I'm like, maaaaybe I should rewrite the first chapter make it more in keeping with the rest of the story.... And then decide if they're going to bang at the end, because really they should. Except I need to change the rating if they do ,which feels a bit tacky to change mid-stream (feels a bit bait-and-switch, except that usually people WANT the porn, so it's probably going to get MORE readers than lose them), but I didn't know it would grow into this.

Through the Front Door cracky ficlet in my musicians AU'verse.

So at least I've done some writing, even if Camp Nano was a big fail for Original stuff. Bleh. I should have just started it when I wanted to and not put it aside until "start". So it's still sitting in the prep stage. Need to get off my ass and just do it.

Other than that I saw both Age of Ultron and Mad Max.   I end up basically in the "enjoyed AoU, don't think it was the greatest/worst things ever" camp. It's always been slightly awkward that I'm a big fan of a movie series that I think most of the films are okay?  (like, I'm pretty convinced Avengers is the Titanic of our time, and in 10-15 years no one will even want to admit they liked it). And I love the characters in the Thor movies to little bits, but I freely admit Dark World is a mostly crap film.  (which is probably why I enjoy writing AUs of it so much - I don't really find the specific canon all that compelling, some of the ideas in the canon and the characters, yes, but the specific films are definitely more springboards than untouchable perfection, if that makes sense).

Seeing Mad Max right after was, um, not especially complementary to AoU either - just on a purely technical level the direction and especially cinematography were both SO much better in Mad Max. Like, I acknowledge that's a bit unfair, given that Miller was planning his shots literally for decades and he had John Seale as his photographer, who is one of the greats of the business, but still.

Anyway I could say a lot more, but I'll post this for now so at least I have something up.