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23 April 2015 @ 10:14 pm
Not Prime Time!  
It's Not Prime TIme time again! Medium sized multi-fandom summer ficathon!

Come and play-- it's like Yuletide but with more fandoms you've actually heard of! :)
npt_admin for the infor, http://archiveofourown.org/collections/notprimetime2015/signups/new for the signup link!

FYI: BSG, PoI, Elementary, SHIELD/Agent Carter, DragonAge, Farscape, Arrow/Flash, Xena, Jupiter Ascending, Hobbit, Grey's, Cabin Pressure, X-Men movies, MLP, I don't know LOTS OF STUFF Y'ALL. Lots of cool fandoms that most people know at least some of them.  Plus because they have to be at least decent-sized fandoms you don't have to worry about writing the perfect fic for your recipient, because there's lots of other stories in the fandom so there's less pressure. I think, anyway. Experiment!  Try a different fandom!

Letter to my writer.  thank you so much for offering to write for one of these fandoms!  First, I am ridiculously easy to please, honestly. I throw lots of ideas at you but that's all they are, is ideas. So don't feel bound to what I suggest. If you've got your own, go for it. I do this challenge mostly to write for a random fandom and stretch my wings a bit - you are more than welcome to do the same for me, if you like. Experiment, do something wacky, if you want. Go for it. The best thing about NPT to my mind, is that unlike Yuletide where you might literally be writing the only fic to exist in that fandom, here, there are plenty. So write what you wanna write -- if you wanna write something you fear has been written a million times already, write it. If you wanna write Immortal Henry IN SPAAAACE, do it. :)

And I <3 everybody else in my canons, so bring in anyone you want.

Incest is a big nope -- especially since two of the fandoms are parental relationships. And that parental relationship (in a healthy way!) is the one I like.

1.  FOREVER -- Henry and Abe

At the time of writing I haven't seen the final episode (final? Absolutely final? hopefully not, but... probably).  Anyway, Henry and Abigail's story are just... shattering on both of Henry and Abe, but at the same time, at least they know now and that's something that's haunted them both for a long time. So something about  them dealing with Abigail's final fate, especially together. Their relationship is just so great, how it's parental on Henry's part, and yet somewhat parental in its turn by Abe, since it certainly seemed that turn happened when Abigail left and Abe started to be the one who took care of Henry  (so more of that too?)

Also, not knowing what the ender will be, I'll just say that I am always down with post-canon spec fic. I love Jo (I ship Henry/Jo, but more in potential than Right This Second.), Lucas is delightful, heck, there is nobody I don't love. Okay, I don't love Adam, but he is interesting. So I anyway, poimt is, feel free to put in anyone else you want.

I'm also down with AUs - more of the divergent canon variety than the cofee shop variety. If, God forbid, any of them die in the season finale, a fix-it where that doesn't happen will be welcome. And I'm always interested in fandoms that have secret immortals of the idea of either public outing of immortals existing, and/or immortals living long enough in the future to be able to travel into space.

Given that I'm also a Person of Interest fan, if you want to cross those over, that could be fun. And for really wacky crossovers, Age of Adaline has a very similar premise, so if you've seen that, that'd be interesting. could Abe somehow realize Adaline is like Henry and bring them together so they aren't alone in their immortality?

2. JUPITER ASCENDING  -- Jupiter, Caine

I bought them. I'm not even sure quite why I bought it, honestly, but I do, I bought them as a couple, and I just want them to work out, Half-puppy winged bodyguard and Queen of the Earth Jupiter. So more development of their love -- whether introducing him to the family, wacky Earth customs, Jupiter helping him through some kind of PTSD episode, or intergalactic adventures (of the exciting or the mundane bureaucratic kind) would be awesome. Post canon -- or inter canon fillins. First time they banged. I mean, seriously, this movie has canon WING!FIC. go to town with that! Babies? Marriage? I am not averse to exploring any of it.

AUs - again more of the divergent canon type. What if she'd chosen differently and stayed out in space (or what if, for whatever reason, she/they have to go back out there).  what if they have to become space pirates for some reason? I mean, more than they actually were in canon... This canon is ridiculawesome, so have fun.

Nopes: No mpreg, and while I can actually see A/B/O stuff being somewhat canonical, most of the things that go with that are slash tropes that I don't care for in this circumstance. Otherwise, I'm okay with whatever level of sex content. Just don't break them up, that would be sad. :( :( :(

I haven't read a lot of the fic, or know any of the fanon or anything, so don't feel bound by any of that.

3. THE HOBBIT (Jackson movies) -- Thranduil, Legolas

THESE TWO KILL ME. UGH. STOP IT YOU TWO RIGHT NOW. Ok, so ideally, I want some kind of reconciliation. (I figure it must happen between the two trilogies because Legolas comes to the Countil of Elrond to report that Gollum escaped and he wouldn't do that if he weren't in Mirkwood at the time.) But it always presses me when two characters I like are at odds, especially if they are parent and child.

alternately, any kind of spec about Legolas mother - when Legolas was born or when she died, etc. I know there is very little in Tolkien about her (and I think the movies change it anyway -- given Thranduil's dismissiveness about Legolas marrying Tauriel as a Silvan elf, I would think that his wife was not, though I suppose you could think of that as just his own bitterness). Thranduil specifically tells Legolas that his mother loved him, as if he never knew her. :( :(

AUs - I am personally quite taken with an AU idea of Thranduil dying at the BofA and leaving Legolas as king. I started to scribble something of that myself, but ran out of gas, so I'd be very intrigued by someone else writing it. Or the opposite, and Thranduil finds Legolas dead instead at the BofA?  (so yes, I'm fine with either of them dying in some AU situation. I don't mind if only one of them is in the story, if it's still about them) Otherwise, perhaps Legolas' mother lives and how that changes both husband and son for the better.

I am familiar with the Tolkien canon (not just The Hobbit), but I'm also perfectly fine with movieverse being its own thing, so also feel free to go off the page as much or little as you like.