lizardbeth (lizardbeth_j) wrote,

nano in April and other stuff

If anyone's interested in joining my "cabin" for Camp Nanowrimo in April - let me know. I will be writing what I realized is a Gothic romance (so lol, paranormal romance is so TODAY, I guess I'm going backward...) and since Camp Nano is Choose your own word target, I think I'll set it at 10000 words but only for the new novel.  So if you're doing it, I'm lizardbeth at nano.  always good to have others to write with, right?

After a couple days of decline one of our goldfish - a three year old named CheapCheep (after the fish in Super Mario) has gone to that goldfish ocean in the sky. She (well, we say she, but maybe not since I think goldfish females eventually lay eggs but whatev) got all bloated (from an interaction with her longstanding float issue probably), and then scraped her side, and then from there it was just downward. Poor fishy. Though honestly the remaining fish have gotten so old and big it's probably better to only have two in the tank. So that was kind of beneficial to everyone but CheapCheep I guess.

the child is away tonight for an overnight field trip and while this should be a great night for us parents to go out on our own, I suspect dinner plus basketball is the real thing in our future. Well, he'll be watching basketball, I think I'll write something. Maybe I can finish one of the short things off my to-do list..

Tags: mcu fic, writing
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