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List of DOOOOOM part Infinity

I feel like I have way too many fanfic projects suddenly. Like, the field was almost clear and now, boom, lots. wth happened? (oh right random prompts have turned into separate ‘verses. my own fault for being all OOH SHINY!!!)

And as some of you have heard already, there’s an AU prompt that is just pleading with me to be an original story. And given I haven't had a decent non-fanfic idea in a while that I really wanted to do, this is pretty exciting for me. I wrote a bit of the fanfic version, and then realized that it was nothing like the source anyway, it was so far AU. I mean, really, other than changing the names I think I literally have nothing else I need to do to it. Everything else was already that different. Now there is the problem that the idea in my head is maybe a little too basic for a full novel -- it doesn't have to be epic, but it does need to top out at more than 20K words. So I need to develop it a bit more, but hopefully with some brainstorming I can get it to work. More on that as it goes, hopefully.

meanwhile in Fanfic land, oh so many things pending...

  1. Comes the Hurricane. Yes. Number one on the priority list. plot problems, character list out of control epic. but I WILL FINISH this thing.

  2. Ice Demon and the Spider. With a possible/probable Peggy & Bucky bonus fic in this ‘verse, too

  3. Music is Magic ‘verse. I’ve got at least 2 stories that only need a scene or two to be ready.

  4. Littlest Star, part 2. Because oops, the invasion is still happening. Loki kinda needs to clean up his mess.

  5. Fallen, 2. Frigga gets one back.

  6. Thorki dark fic. I haven’t posted anything about this one, but I have some written.

  7. (other things which are possible but that seems like enough right?)

Time. need moar. or write faster. both.

Tags: mcu fic, writing
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