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25 February 2015 @ 05:24 pm
RL stuff  
Spouse has been dealing with his mother, who's not at the stage where she needs to be in a care place, but definitely can no longer live by herself. So he was gone most of last week to get her house ready to be turned over for rental while she moves in with my SIL. My parents had a rental unit for a while out of my grandmother's place after she died, and renting it was a clusterfuck, so I hope this goes better.

while he was gone Kiddo and I went to watch Jupiter Ascending, which was great fun, I wrote a thing comparing it to GotG, which was also fun.  parallels! 

So I was without the spouse for V-day which was ok - he sent flowers anyway and kiddo made me a delightful card. Less great, I also had computer issues on Valentine's day:  my phone freaked out (turns out both the battery and sd card needed replacing), my computer got infected by some virus which luckily I was able to get rid of early plus quite a bit of bloatware that had been hanging around unneeded besides. AND kiddo's mac got some kind of malware infection. probably caused by unwise site navigation (since all he does on it besides homework is minecraft).  So funny story, I was on the phone with the apple care person and so she has me look at the list of stuff found by the malware finder program, and she can see it because we're doing the share thing, and you could just hear the "OH. MY. GOD." as the list of bad things in Safari came up. Pretty sure she hadn't seen something quite that bad in awhile.  I made sure to tell her it wasn't actually mine.  I do know not to click on random ads on gaming sites. But now he knows better too, so lesson learned, I think.

 In other RL news, Kiddo has just finished both basketball and robotics for the year, so now we're off to baseball. He's definitely more into and better at robotics. We went to the Legoland competition and his team placed out of medal contention, but ninth or tenth so that's pretty good. They had a really good final run, it just wasn't quite enough. Kids had a lot of fun. 

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Ray: Hand streamrirenec on February 26th, 2015 10:33 pm (UTC)
Hugs for RL things, sweet. :(

I'm going to see JA on Sunday with my bud. It looks such fun.

Thumbs up for kiddo's activities.