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14 January 2015 @ 10:18 am
notes for A Crocus in the Snow  
Okay, so I intended to have an actual update in there, but first, this is by request. I put here since it deals with child abuse and Tumblr's Read More/cut function doesn't work on mobile (which is ridiculous, when that's where you need it most).

To describe some of the backstory alluded to in "A Crocus in the Snow"

The first thing Tyr is interested in, is trying to get Loki to admit that he's that Frost Giant baby (older) in disguise. Tyr suspects that he's the same baby that he stole from Laufey's hiding place and tried to kill, but he doesn't know how or why. And since he's not sure, he never says the words flat out (Frost Giant/Jotunn I mean) just 'creature' and things like that. His suspicion manifests first as a hidden contempt in training - pushing Loki a little too hard, a little too forcefully, disarming him quickly, setting duels that he knows Loki will lose, things like that. Then Loki gets lippy or whatever provokes Tyr and he breaks Loki's arm to punish him. Loki not being a moron realizes this is b.s. They go before Odin who finds the idea that it's NOT an accident kind of ridiculous, so he believes Tyr's excuse that he misjudged Loki to be stronger than he was (you know, casually putting it as Loki's fault for being weak) and it was totes an accident bro. And Odin fails the dad test, because jfc man, HE BROKE YOUR KID'S ARM and your kid thinks he did on purpose. Even if it wasn't true, it's still an indicator that All Is Not Well. So does he take steps to fix this? yes, he does, he thinks private lessons are the answer to improve Loki's skills and strength.


Tyr now has his blank check.  He has Loki for an hour a day, for a few times a week or whatever, and he knows that he can do almost whatever he wants without fear of anyone doing anything, as long as he doesn't go too far. At first, "too far" is actually not that far. There's some actual training, but he also demands Loki reveal himself, confess that he's a creature/not of the king's blood/etc, and smacks Loki around. Loki of course is clueless about the truth and denies it, and that makes Tyr angry. He hurts him more. But nothing that Loki's healing can't fix. And as is common in abuse situations, Loki starts to want to do whatever he can to make it stop/please him - pleading, apologizing, admitting that' yes he must be that horrible thing please just stop'. Loki makes his next attempts to tell his parents there's something wrong and he doesn't want to have private lessons anymore. They don't listen, and given his swordwork is still terrible, Odin wants it to continue. Tyr threatens to kill Fenrir if he tells again (classic technique to make a victim feel more isolated and helpless - either Loki keeps Fenrir around in danger or he has to send Fenrir away, taking away one of his emotional supports).

Tyr starts to get off on the power he has over his toy. Because even though he can't prove Loki's secretly a Frost Giant foundling transformed, it doesn't matter anymore; he likes it too much. Especially as the torments become more sexual in nature. Hurting him becomes only a tool to threaten him to submit. First making him take off his clothes to be beaten, but then further. Tyr's enough of a natural manipulator that he knows how to use the abuser language of making it all Loki's fault, and how everyone will reject him if they find out what sort of monster/whore/whatever he is.

So, more specifically, since he's doing this for more purely power/intimidation, he's only interested in touching Loki in so far as it's humiliating. Mostly he just wants Loki to pleasure him, by doing what he's told - getting undressed for him, touching him, and then for awhile oral, because Tyr likes to think that's easier to claim is consensual if anyone catches them (I mean, he's deluded, if anyone had actually caught them they'd never agree, but he thinks that). And rape, too, occasionally, whenever Tyr fears he's starting to lose control of his toy.

When he's not with Tyr, Loki pretends everything's fine, but withdraws, finds comfort with Fenrir, and generally feels trapped and alone. He starts to think about running away, murdering Tyr, and killing himself. But after his first few attempts are shot down, he never thinks telling anyone again. This horrific situation endures for a while. I'm purposely vague on this, since I don't think Asgard itself has a clear idea of time. It's not a long time to them, but long enough that the situation has deteriorated and become a habit by the time it ends. Tyr gets over-confident and decides to take their 'lessons' to the stables, and in a panic, Loki refuses. Fenrir smashes his way in to defend Loki from punishment and rips off Tyr's hand. The physical stuff ends. Loki refuses to be in the same room as Tyr after that, and starts training more with Frigga. He tells her nothing.

See? I tell people I'm happy to babble about fic, and few people bother to believe me. :)