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Happy New Year!

 Happy New Year!  I hope 2015 is better for you than 2014 was - even if it was good, it could always be better, and lord knows, a lot of people had an awful 2014 so hopefully it'll be a better one.   (though lol it's funny since I'm usually near the last in the world for the new year - this year not quite so bad pacific time, but Hawaii was always hilarious because Australia would be almost Jan 2 and yet, JUST DOWN THERE NOT TOO FAR to the west. lol) 

We've completed our usual New Year's Eve duty of getting the christmas tree out of the house before the New Year. It always seems so bare and lonely in the living room without it, for a few days. Though I can see the tv again, so there's that. It was kind of a bushy tree this year and blocked most of the screen - luckily there's been little I've cared about watching, so it doesn't matter anyway.  Later, we're eating dinner with my parents, tonight we'll do the Midnight thing, and then tomorrow it's to have potluck with the hubs' relatives. 

I think I kudo'd everything I read for the various fests. I'm just - like, unless I don't finish it because it's not for me - I decided why the hell not? I don't think they mean that I think the fic is perfect, just that I enjoyed it. (there's a perfectly good system of recs/bookmarks/comments after all) And no one else can see your collective kudos, only each individual story, so anyway-- That's my new 2015 philosophy, a few days early.  generosity ,not stinginess. *nods*

Tomorrow I'll post my 2014 fic wrap up and reveal of the two anon-fics I wrote for Yuletide and M&M (though tbh, I don't think the M&M fic is that hard to figure out which one's mine). 

Hope the new year treats you all well. :) 

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