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Christmas wrap-up!

 I have been totally blessed this year with fantabulous fic goodies!

From Yuletide I got three presents :

  1. Funeral Music - Only Lovers Left Alive. Adam and Eve and omg so tragic.
  2. Found - Edge of Tomorrow. Rita after the war.
  3. Elegance with a Side of Evil - the Jaguar "British Villains" commercials. (OMG HILARIOUS)

And Mischief and Mistletoe!

  1. A scandalous proposal , Loki/Sif Regency AU

For Christmas, I got the Annual Winter Plague, which wasn't terrible this year, except for Christmas Eve. And even then it wasn't the cold, it was the cold medicine that was the worst. I guess I reacted badly to the "time release" part of the cold capsule because that fucking piill was like drinking a case of Red Bull -- I did not sleep at all Christmas Eve night. SO WIRED. ugh, that was awful. Well, I know not to do THAT again. All-nighters if you have to are one thing, all-nighters right before Christmas, suck. 

Other than that, I got some lovely presents, and had Christmas dinner with my parents, SIL and her family, and my MIL all together. Which probably sounds like a recipe for disaster, but everyone gets along really well (my Bro-in-Law and my mom developed this running joke that they're siblings which sounds weird, but in practice was pretty hilarious). Single-handedly I convinced everyone at the table that Idris Elba would be perfect as James Bond, so that was awesome when they were all skeptical-- more because they'd only seen him in Pacific Rim and that's not exactly the best example, than racial, I think, but my enthusiasm brought them all 'round.  (not that it's going to happen - the leaked email was actually dismissing the possibility, so people are kind of overboard about it, but it was considered at all is pretty cool)

Kind of bummed the two fics I wrote aren't doing better, but at least my Christmas interlude for 'Ice Demon and Hydra' is appreciated by the readers of that one, so that's a plus.  Crossposted from DW There are comment count unavailable comments over there. Feel free to comment wherever.
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