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19 October 2014 @ 09:27 pm
Dear Yuletide Writer  

Dear Yuletide Writer---

WOO YOU HAVE EXCELLENT A+ TASTE!!! :)   and possibly you share my thing for immortality tropes, because really that seems to be my theme this year. BUT anyway, first of all, *twirls*

Second of all, I am totes into Yuletide for writing fun, for me as a writer and you as a writer. SO THEREFORE, I have lots of ideas below for each fandom, but they are only ideas that I thought of, pretty much off the top of my head, of things that would be fun to read. However, they are certainly not the only ideas I would enjoy. I like lots of things,   I am okay with AUs (canon divergent more so than alternate setting ones, but both can be fun), crossovers (with my other fandoms, I mean, something with Gossip Girl or whatev is going to leave me cold, cuz I dont' know it, but in general yes I like them), expanded bits of canon, head-canon/fanon, plotty action stuff, intimate character studies.  Point is: I would far rather read something you had fun writing than you try to follow some prescriptive list.

DO NOT WANT:  non-con, abuse/hitting, trashing other characters.

And my clever copying of my signup thing is kinda messed up. fail.

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    I love immortality tropes in general so this show is my catnip. I especially love the relationship they've built between Henry and Abe, how much both of them care about the other, so that it reads as parental in both directions to me. While anything that features that is welcome (except sex), I'm particularly curious about how Abe found out about Henry, and/or how that dynamic started to shift from what I presume was purely Dad Henry. Feel free to add in Abigail and/or Jo if you want.

    (additionally - since this is an open canon, just to reassure that I seriously don't care if a later ep josses some piece of backstory. Go right ahead and make up whatever you want, at least as far as I'm concerned. I'm primarily for the Henry & Abe relationship and Henry's immortal angsting about, but I like Jo and I like what we've seen of Abigail so far, so if the story happens to take you back to when they were a young family post-war, I'd be all over some Abigail development, too. Just don't ignore her, if it's in a time when she's alive. But I'm also okay with fic set after she died, she was obviously very important to both of them.)

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    the movie is just such a tease - we know THIS Much and no more. I need more of these two, at any point along their life together would be awesome, from when they met to far in the future when humans are in space.

    (additionally - I mean, I totally mean it when I say I just want more. I adore them both - Adam in all his anti-social grumpiness, and Eve far wiser and more fey. How did they meet? Has he always been like this? Did they have an argument when they parted last? Do they have sex or some sort of mental bonding telepathy thing (seriously, blood drinking seems pretty orgasmic on its own for them, so maybe that's all they need?)  See ? And also, I was not joking if you want to do Adam and Eve IN SPAAACE. because seriously, tell me they wouldn't be all over that shit if they possibly could. or it occurs to me there's that cut scene when the sun burns Adam - so tell me why did he go through that whole ordeal with the bullet if he could just go sit outside? (I mean, I imagine it's because he thinks it would be quicker, but still, it's a bit of a lack of conviction too, isn't it?)  anyway, as you can guess from all my questions I am fine with sex and death and vampire things with them, or fluffy first meetings, or post-movie training those fledgling, or gosh, some tremendously tragic thing where one of them gets blood poisoning and dies. ow. that's a sad Christmas, but I CAN BEAR IT, if you wanna go there).

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    While I'm here for Rita in any and all things (with or without Cage or anybody else), from the tale of Verdun to fixit to whatever, I did wonder what it was like for her each iteration to realize that someone else is now going through what she went through. Obvs she handled it just fine, but privately that must have been quite a thing to know.

    additionally -- TIME SHENANIGANS. oh yes. We love them precious.  I was a little bit disappointed tbh that the end scene didn't reset the whole thing so there's that. Also, I am not averse to Rita and Cage - he obviously worships the ground she walks on, and now that he's useful and pretty cool too, I could see more developing at the end if you wanna go that way.


oh look, copy paste formatting fail.

Sigup says: hehe I love this ad series (so use any and all the characters you want, including Hoult!Q or any others they might add, because they are all hilarious). I'm good with a more meta/rpf take on them, where it's "actually" Hiddles and Co or a take where these characters are really Suavely Evil Villains making Dastardly Plans. Or characters who want to be Suavely Evil but usually are too busy being suave, getting measured for suits and choosing the fabulous options for their new Jaguars to actually do much bad.

-- every year I have a delicious fandom which just makes me chortle with glee and this is just perfect. I mean, it's pretty obvious I am a HIddleston fan, so I would appreciate you not mock him (or Cumberbatch or anybody else while you're at it), so there's that part, but also it's just great pointing out that Yes Villains Are British and that's just kinda hilariously meta, especially in an ad series for a luxury car brand. (I mean, are they really trying to say only evil people drive their cars? or at least evil people with taste? )

-- so reallly, you can't go wrong with just about anything here, it's such a fun little fandom. I mean, you could have them all arguing over the best brand of watch in the midst of Evil Planning, or one of them turning out to be a mole for law enforcement and it all turning into a shoot out, or you know, whatever.

(though holy shit i need to finish my pumpkin ficlet. I sort of put it aside while I was prepping Crocus in the Snow, and oops, it's due this week. though apparently that's also true for my gifter, so at least I don't feel bad about being slow on the draw...)

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