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03 October 2014 @ 02:45 pm
Fall TV roundup o stuff  
Taking a writing break since I finally finished my norsebang draft, A Crocus in the Snow. 50K words. This is not what I wanted! Yet it kept growing and growing, and seriously it could probably easily take expansion of another 10K except NO. I have to start posting on October 15, and Marvel Bang is going to post right after that at some point and that's got at least one major section completely blank.


So let's talk tv.

Capsule comments ahoy, minor spoilers I guess for Gotham, Forever, Selfie, OAUT, SHIELD, Person of Interest

New shows first--

Gotham -- suffers right now from some pilot-itis, in which you can tell they're still trying to balance taking this stuff seriously and the more Burton-ish grotesquerie tone, and it strays into Schumacher camp, but hopefully they'll figure it out. I think it has potential as a neo-noir crime drama (more Sin City than Batman, in a way, if they were allowed to do it more violently). Anyway it's doing its job of keeping me curious. (though let's be honest, my spouse is a ginormous Batman fan, so it's staying on in our house regardless.)

Forever -- yes, it's sort of Highlander ish. But whatever, it's not like there's a whole lot of immortals on tv right now, and we all know THAT IS TOTALLY MY BAG. And Ioan Gruffydd has always been a cutie. His relationship with Abe warms the cockles of my cold heart, besides. awwwww. anyway, I find myself looking forward to it. And I totally nominated it for Yuletide. so there.

Selfie. Love Karen Gillan. Love John Cho. Omg that show is unwatchable. NOPE.

er, I think there's more we tried. Oh, Scorpion, which is basically CBS paint by numbers, but Katherine McPhee was probably enough I might watch it in hiatus.

Returning shows:

- OUAT. ANNA AND ELSA. are perfect. omg. (though the Beauty and the Beast thing was, like, Pits of Hell-deep in the cheese. I had to fastforward. tthough I did like how apparently how that huge mansion just sprang up and nobody claimed it so now it was theirs.)

- SHIELD. continues to mosey along. I still find I'm not very attached to anybody. I mean, yes, Fitz is sad and all, but I dunno. Maybe it's because I still don't know what Hydra even wants or why they can apparently recruit thousands of people to 'take over the world'. Ward I get because that at least was a personal loyalty quasi-brainwashing thing, but that doesn't appear to be how everyone else got involved (that bugged the crap out of me in Winter soldier as well, by the way -- in First Avenger it was pretty clear that a bunch of it was cult of personality around Schmidt, but afterward? they were just going around going "you wanna help take over the world in a couple of decades? join a nazi organization, and risk prison and death for no tangible personal benefit?" And I guess all these dumbasses were like Sure!) Anyway, hopefully Real!Simmons next week is good, since I like her the best.

Oh wait, I want to talk about Ward for a moment. Now, there's this prevailing "oh god don't redeem him" thing going on in various places, which yeah, okay, I get, it's 'do we really need Spike II' but otoh, thinking narratively, why else did they keep him around? The guy is no mastermind, he's a follower. So if he stays bad all we're waiting for is for some bad guy to sweep him up and make him their second banana. maybe that's the plan, but at the very least he's going to have to show some kind of willingness to play both sides, or what's the point? Btw, this is not to suggest I actually care either way, I don't, and I suspect redemption=death for him anyway, since they're playing the Fitz stuff so hard, but the point is, I'm not sure having him stay bad is as interesting as people seem to think it is.

And his apparent replacement? lol. I'm sorry I can't take LANCE HUNTER seriously. What the fuck was that, Coulson, you got a thing for Rebel BadBoys(tm) or what? I realize you're hard up for help, but c'mon. Recruiting Mr Trope who JUST proved he's willing to do shit against the team if he feels like it? not impressed. I liked the premiere much better than part 2, but at least we got Kyle McLachlan as SkyeDad and Raina remains the smartest person around.

- Person of Interest. SHOW IS BACK. liked the premiere, but really loved Nautilus as Samaritan MADE A MOVE. whoa. Funny how we had Root as the Anti-Finch, but now, it looks like, we've got the Anti-Root. I like it when they lose sometimes.

- oh, and even though it's been back now for quite awhile I'm also quite enjoying Doctor Who. Love Capaldi's doctor and Clara. And Danny. And the stories have been a fun mix so far this year. "Listen" was really excellent. (and also, fyi, I'm super tired of Moffat bashing, so I don't read any other DW commentaries)

- um. I feel like there was more. I watched more. I do feel a little sad that I have no eagerness for Vampire Diaries returning and no intention of watching it.

otoh, I am eager for Arrow's return, because OLICITY. <3 and just Felicity and Oliver in general, but everybody else too. shoooooow.

ooh, Hugh Laurie and Hiddleston are going to do a BBC show based on a John LeCarre novel together. THAT WILL BE EXCELLENT. can't wait! (they haven' started it yet, but ironically it might air before any of Hiddles movies probably, since Crimson Peak isn't out for another year, and High-Rise has no distributor yet, so god only knows when that'll come out.

and now I've sat on this post long enough to find out that my Marvel Bang fic, The Ice Demon and the Hydra will post on November 13. So that pretty much kicks NaNo in the ass, because no way am I going to be able to do 2K per day AND edit that thing into something resembling readability in the same two weeks.

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ellestraellestra on October 4th, 2014 04:29 am (UTC)
I hope Gotham will get better - it has it's moments - but I can't seem to connect with Forever. The characters just don't click for me (and I'm fan of Ioan Gruffydd since Hornblower days). Selfie was just to groan inducing for me to finish.

From what I heard Lance Hunter is an actual comic book character. I think he (along with some others) is a response to the people who complained about AoS not using Marvel's extensive portfolio of characters. Unfortunately, this means he comes with the typically awful comic book name.

On one hand I get that Ward used to kill for SHIELD and he killed for HYDRA and it was all part of his job description but I look at Fitz and I don't really care. And his creepy Skye obsession doesn't help.

PoI is the best thing on TV right now. I love how Machine gave everyone a job they could best utilise their talents at and then gave them the choice of getting back together. She cares. Samaritan only uses.

For me Twelve and Clara work so much better then Eleven and Calara (and they were pretty great) and I love Danny. But Listen was my least favourite this season. Time Heist on the other hand...♥

I quit TVD last year and I don't miss it and according to some reviews all it's problems only got worse so I'm happy I no longer care about it).