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17 September 2014 @ 04:43 pm
roundup of things I will term "news"  
Monday night, we went to the 30 Seconds to Mars/Linkin Park concert. First of all, it was outside, in Hollywood, and it was at least 95 degrees (35C). It was fucking 88 according to the car at 11:30pm so yeah, that part was no fun. However, the concert itself was a fun and interesting experience - I went mostly for the 30STM (as I put it to hubs, I'm a bit too aware of Jared's schtick to be a real fan, but he is entertaining), and I do like their music. I enjoy LP in the the right mood, and I totally would've vidded Sam to "In the End" because omg it's so perfect. But there are lots of songs I skip, and Chester yelling does nothing for me. So, I fully expected to like the first half much more than the second.

But. First, Jared was late. I don't know if it was because of the streaming they were doing or they weren't there, or what, but they didn't take the stage until almost 8 (with a set time of 7:30). This wouldn't be terrible, except JUST LIKE AT THE GREEK where we saw them before, the Bowl has rules for when concerts have to be finished, because the exits go through residential areas. And which honestly, if you're going to do a Vyrt concert stream, they really ought to consider this rule and pick a venue that allows run over. Because it was their fault for being late, the set list was shortened. So he snipped the back half of The Kill and at least one song on its entirety. :(  Boo  And I am doomed forever apparently to not hear Hurricane live - three concerts, 2 of them in support of This is War, and I've only heard half of the song in total. However, it was really great to be in the audience for City of Angels, because that was a total hometown song.

But by contrast, LP did what felt like EVERYTHING. Some songs were done as medleys or cut out choruses/verses/etc, but still, they hit Every Single Song you might possibly have heard of. DId not stop really until the pause before the Encore. So that was fantastic. I seriously have no idea how Chester is able to still have a voice at the end. Or a voice at all, after ten+ years of doing that.  I talk about the band to kidlet a bit since Shinoda's half-n-half too. And we made sure to take kidlet to Shinoda's art exhibit a few years ago. I suppose there's not really a lack for him to see around, but still, it doesn't hurt to have an example who's not an actor/tv personality and successful in his chosen fields.

In non-musical doings, because of the heat mostly,

we have all kinds of gross bug problems. There was an ant invasion of the kitchen, looking for water, and one of the ferals has dropped her kitten under the back deck so now there are fleas everywhere. We can't even GET to the kitten, and we're left with making it annoying with splashing water and stomping around in the hope the mom will go in and get it to a better location. So far, no dice though. :(

So that's unhappy making, and we found out that the neighbors two doors down are running an illegal Bed&Breakfast out of their garage which finally explains al the weird traffic the last few months. They are not the worst - the people across the street are worse because they're legit cat hoarders, but the B&B people enable the cat hoarders, so between the two of them they're why the neighborhood is infested with inbred, diseased kitties who might have been nice pets at some point but these people think that feeding them is where 'caring for animals' stops - not like vet care, or neutering or y'know, ANYTHING besides buying food. And I am both tremendously allergic to cats, and very sensitive to flea bites (they scar, so I have ugly legs from old bites and I really resent that too), so I'm not doing it.

So thanks in part of the flea infestation that's making me super cranky, I reported the B&B to the City for zone violation. There's a convenient ad online to point them to. I also looked up their permit for garage alteration which was to create a 'rec room' -- yeah, that 'rec room' with the travertine full bath and kitchenette.  Though I do wish they'd had no permit at all, then the city could make them rip it all out, and that would be GLORIOUS.

ANYWAY, on happier things, you should all do Trick Or Treat exchange ficathon, which is a multifandom giftexchange. Nominations are already over, but since there was no rarity limit or anything, there are lots of fandoms there. Minimum is only 300 words or a small art piece to give, and you can request and offer up to ten fandoms. Also matching is "OR" so if I request Sally and John, and you offer only Sally, we still match (unlike Yuletide which is AND matching),
So go forth- signups are open until the 22 Sep. AO3 for signups and trickortreatex for announcements/info.