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14 September 2014 @ 09:59 pm
Dear Trick or Treat Giver  
my letter for [Unknown LJ tag]   letter. 

Dear Great Pumpkin -- 

In general especially for an exchange like this, I am okay with crossovers, canon-divergent and/or Dark AUs (like, what if Sauron had won the Battle of the Last Alliance?), zombie/magic/whatever crack AUs, Elrond gets turned into a vampire,.. etc.  I mean, really, go wild if you want. The 'prompts' themselves are kinda boring, but I love the fun stuff too. Only the first two lend themselves to sex really, but I'm good up to dubcon. Just no rape, no hitting, no blood (unless it's like a vampire AU type thing). 

My Four Requests with the contents of my signup:   All are for either fic or art, either. 

1. Marvel Cinematic Universe RPF  
Tom Hiddleston
Scarlett Johansson

This is not a shippy request, I just think they're both delightful people in interviews. This was mostly inspired by the RDJ quote of how TH and SJ would end up at a nice dinner, while everyone else was goofing off. So some happy daily life thing - maybe he calls to congratulate her on the baby, or they cross paths while promoting other things, or she gives him advice for how to deal with fame... whatever. I want them hanging out more, that's all, so mostly "treat" but if you can figure out some way to bring Scarlett to the set of Crimson Peak and they can have a scary adventure together, go for it. :)

Additional info: I am not usually an RPF person, since sometimes the idea of giving real people fictional relationships is weird. So friendship is really, truly fine with me. However, I am not averse to them banging if you wanna go that way - they're both my faves, and really, if they wanted to get together for real I would probably squeal like the pathetic fangirl I really am. But that said,  I think it's also pretty clear that if they ever thought about being together, it clearly didn't go anywhere. So in terms of them being more than friends, you probably are gonna have to sell me on it, unless it's some clearly AU to our own world. (like, I don't know, a zombie apocalypse scenario, like in This is the End, or something like that. yes, I'm also good with cracky premises)

Also, I love them separately, so if you only offered one, that's great, too. I think for either, the question of fame and how to deal with it is always fascinating to me. Privacy and fans, performance vs personal. Those sort of themes could be really interesting. or, y'know, one of them is trapped in an elevator with an Over Excited Fan. or gets a Weird Creepy gift in the mail for Halloween. 
2.  Pirates of the Caribbean (Movies)  
Will Turner
Elizabeth Swann

trick or treat. I like them both, I ship them together, but just don't ship them with others in the fic if you don't want to ship them. It's an old fandom of mine, and I'd love to read a bit of it again.

There is very little that makes me angrier than anyone who says Elizabeth just waited around for ten years. Because NO. Obviously she had her own life doings, her ship, her son and she was not just waiting around, But ALSO, I do not at all believe for one instant that she tamely accepted that the curse on Will was unbreakable. She damn well would have been searching for a way to break it. Or looking for the Fountain of Youth her own damn self so she could sail with him, or y'know, all the above. So keeping that in mind, that's the Elizabeth I like -- fierce, loyal, clever, active. And Will whether before or after, loved her, and would also have been doing whatever he could to see her, find ways to give her messages, sex her in bathtubs so he didn't have to step on land, whatever, he was also never going to just give up.  

er, anyway, the point - I <3 them both. And for the "trick" part - I mean, really, there's no shortage of creepy stuff that's canon in PotC, not to mention things you can make up (like, I dunno, magic mirrors. Maybe Elizabeth find a mirror and it makes weird sounds and then she finds out that it actually can let her talk to Will on teh Dutchman.  So a bit scary but then happy. I mean, her husband was stabbed right in front of her, cursed, and then stolen away, that's kind of enough tragedy, right? heh) 

3. X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)  
Raven | Mystique (Days of Future Past) 

either trick or treat. I just like Raven - she's brave, tough, a bit insecure... and there's so much we don't know about what she was doing or feeling. Lots of scope for fill-in moments/scenes. Also, I love them all, so include anyone else you want, just no romance.

Extra:  I could only request the one movie, but if you want to set something during First Class or the harder Raven of the later films (or spec on the rewritten-timeline Raven), that's perfectly fine. I like her relationship with Erik and Charles, and how boldly she went into rescue the others alone. There's also spec of course that she must be Kurt's mother in the Singerverse, so spec about that and what happened would be a possibility. 

4.  The Lord of the Rings - J. R. R. Tolkien  
Elrond (The Lord of the Rings)
Legolas (The Lord of the Rings) 

er, not shippy, feel free to write only one. But they both have plenty of history to pick from. If you want to pick both, I'm always interested in spec on when and how they first met. Did Elrond travel east when Legolas was born? Or maybe Legolas' first visit to Rivendell?

  I originally intended to req Legolas and Thranduil, but my nomination got messed up and Thranduil didn't show up. So -- I'm requesting the elves I have available. Poke around my LJ at all and you'll find I have a thing for immortals generally. Whether elves, Asgardians, or heck even WIll Turner in Pirates, I just enjoy thinking about what living that long would do to a person's sense of history. The elves, especially someone like Elrond is a fairly extreme end of that --- he's seen SO MUCH. Forgotten so much. Does he read through his library to just remember things again? Does he call humans the wrong names sometimes because over time they look so much alike?

Also, I'm not a canon purist, so feel free to use books or movies as much or as little as you like. 

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