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Heading off for our annual vacation! Which probably will be no different as far as my presence, since I only manage to update once a week at best it seems, nowadays, but fandom-wise is a bit... inconvenient. The "rough drafts" (which means 80%-ish) of both my Big Bangs are due before I get back. Which is okay for one of them, since I'm pretty close right now, but the other, not so much. I did rewatch First Avenger at least, and since the fic's not a bizarro AU of the movie, I pretty much have the outline, it's a matter of just sitting down and scribbling it in. I even took screencaps, so I'd make sure I know what certain places look like. That is a hell of a fall there, Bucky. Also I got the timeline straight in my head again (and found one of the wiki timelines I used is actually wrong - that's annoying that no one fixed it, in YEARS).

The trouble is, as y'all know, I am terrible about writing anything while on vacation. Even when I am sitting in my mother-in-law's house with NOTHING to do, it's hard to get my brain in gear. Though it's been hard here, at home, so I should have no excuse not to do it there. I also have a five hour plane ride, if I can write fic while son and hubs are peering over my shoulder. It's funny, when it was BSG stuff I didn't care since kidlet didn't know anything about it (plus he wasn't as good a reader as he is now), but now he's seen Winter Soldier, so it's now fanfic he could actually read. Not that either of these are full of porn so he could read them, it just feels weird. Weirder to be fic, than if it was some other OrigFic somehow.

But as soon as vacation is over it's back to the normal grind, which is always kind of nice. Summer's tough because there's no routine, and as busy as school time is, at least it's regular. and then, that becomes a pain in the ass so there's really no winning, but I'm ready for summer to be over.

We are all packed, but for the phone/iPad getting charged. But tomorrow going to the airport comes early - and then I'll probably post again out of boredom. :)

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