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oooh a post!

So I was going to post Monday. Yep, that worked out perfectly.

I finished off Camp NaNowrimo with the Choose Your Own Goal of 25K for July. Which was achieved, split over four different fics. Two was necessary since one was the ficathon fic that had to be finished, but I'm not sure it was super wise to split over the other three. Okay, no, it was UtS that was stupid to do 5K on. Espectially as I've now realized that my two Big Bangs are basically supposed to be done their drafts at the same time. Norsebang is probably close enough but the other one isn't especially close yet (it's started at least but I need to crank out some words) but the problem is that I leave on the 18th for our family vacation and I am notoriously terrible about writing on vacation. But perhaps I'll be able to do words. I also really need to watch First Avenger again, because I've now seen lots of pieces of it again, thanks to it being on cable, but the order is now all messed up in my brain.

I haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy, and I may not at all, since I'm really trying to keep that for a reward if I finish at least one of my projects. So far this isn't really workng as the lure I meant it as, since i basically wrote fucking nothing the last few days. ugh, WHY, SELF, WHY???

I did watch the preview first episode for Outlander, and liked it. I never read the books so that part doesn't matter to me, but it's beautifully filmed and I really like the actress playing Claire (and I've liked Tobias Menzies since ROME, so that's a plus). Definitely checking out more.

In more personal things that anger and upset me, our Little league field where my son plays, was terribly vandalized last weekend - gear stolen, things smashed, toilets stopped up, the whole thing tagged up. just, awful. thousands and thousands of dollars to replace and repair, just for a bunch of jerk thugs to have fun for an hour. SO INFURIATING. and sad that anyone would do this to a place kids play. humans suck. :(

however, animals are lovely, and we spent two delightful weeks taking care of the school's science lab guinea pig, the adorable Flash. Who is an Expert Begger of treats, as one can see from both his cutie pie whistles AND his round butt. But now I do miss having him around, cuz he was just adorb. Kiddo built a loop for him out of shoeboxes, so he could get some exercise (his traveling cage is much smaller than the pen he gets in the science lab, so he gets kind of bitchy about getting out, especially if it's not clean to his standards). yes, I'm afraid he was rather upset at both housekeeping AND the room service staff not jumping quite quickly enough. like, WHERE IS MY PARSLEY PEASANT?? very demanding rodent.

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