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I saw X-Men Days of Future Past on Sat night, and it was everything I wanted from the movie, all tied in a bow!  I really love how Singer takes advantage of mutant powers with different choreography. The gold-standard for superhero action is for me is Nightcrawler invading the White House which is a great, clever sequence that IMO showed me something the books never could. Which is why I don't get all in a twist about adaptation changes (honestly some of it sounds the same as the authors who are all panic-stricken about fanfic). Sometimes they don't work, but sometimes they're pretty awesome and i'd rather see something made for the big screen than something made for a tiny comic-book box duplicated anyway.

I'm sure I'll go back, since yay, so much fun. plus it's just so much more ambitious than most of these movies. All those characters, actors bringing their A game, timelines, time travel, taking its own story but also serving a secondary purpose to clean up the errors of Last Stand - it's amazing it comes together at all, and then so well. (and if you wanna talk about it in the comments, all the yay! Cuz I don't want to spoil anybody but I also could be all squeeful if people want to!)

It was good I went on Sat and didn't wait until Sunday since Sun and Monday were both filled with nothing but migraines - so i had to skip the dinner with my parents on Sun and the bbq with friends on Mon. I didn't write anything though at least today I got some in for my Not-Prime-Time Ficathon fic and it's getting near a draft. I had snappier dialogue at one time which I didn't write down of course. ... *sigh*  ({all day pause because i can't seem to write a post in less than a frakking day}).   AH, now it's only lacking a bit in the middle, so that was some good progress.

Then today we had kiddo's first baseball playoff game against one of the worst coaches in our entire league - he's one of those who gets all over the umpires and his own kids. In a previous game he all but accused our coach of cheating by not giving one of our pitchers the proper rest days, and then today threw a massive tantrum over a call over a fairly obscure rule, and was trying to argue it was some kind of double play and the ump (and then our coach) was trying to explain that you don't get both outs, you can only get one, and anyway, it was a big delay and yelling match. I wish the umpires had the authority to give technicals like in basketball, or something, because oy. he is just the worst. And then kiddo's team lost. So they have one more game on Thurs and if not that's it for the season. Hopefully they win one.
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